Another self indulgent, middle class, twenty something blog… really?

Unfortunately, yes.

I moan about blogs on a worryingly regular basis. There are countless white, middle class, arty people in my suburban London circle that have started them in the past year. Becoming one of them, through typing this, is cringing me to the core.

Journalism is something else I moan about. It’s the opposite of an up and coming industry (The Times hasn’t earned a profit since god knows when) and it’s extremely competitive, in spite of the long hours and low pay. It’s no wonder that my wise father has done his best to gently dissuade me from venturing into the world of writing.

But it seems, annoyingly enough, that the media industry is where my passions lie. Writing wise, I’ve been heavily involved in student journalism (deputy editor of The Tab Leeds, writer for The Gryphon) and have had some successes breaking into the world of real journalism (work experience at the Huffington Post, The Times, The Economist etc).

Photography wise, I started a photography club at my school, ventured on trips with Leeds’ photography society and am filled with adoration for my new Canon 100D SLR.

So, as someone that is:  1) into writing 2) into photography 3) into travelling, it is increasingly ridiculous I do not have a blog. Blogging is the one constant piece of advice I’ve been given as someone interested in a career in the media industry. I’ve tried to ignore it for a while, but since having more time to think than is probably healthy, post-graduation, I have succumbed.

P.S Exactly one year ago I wrote a rant about year abroad blogs ( This enraged a fair few, but I stick by my view that they are too often boring, whiny and full of unnecessary updates on how settled the blogger feels during their 6 months in a developed European city . So, I solemnly swear to make this as interesting (or at least picturesque) as possible…

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