Healthy eating in Shanghai: Sproutworks

I came across Sproutworks whilst wandering around Xintiandi on my last day in Shanghai. The lovely area is home to an abundance of cute cafes and quirky eateries so the healthy fast food venue on 185 Madang Road fitted in just fine.

Discovered whilst starving and hungover post Jewish Refugee Museum (which I’d recommend – though not necessarily in the state I was in), my first impressions rightly told me I was in for a treat.


The restaurant’s style can best be described as ‘trendy cafeteria’. It’s been done up well – modern, airy and with a long counter displaying it’s mouthwatering fresh wares.


The menu is extensive and I dithered for an embarrassingly long time. There’s everything you’d expect in terms of healthy food, but instead of looking drab, it’s all colourful and very appetising.


Brown rice was something I hadn’t seen once in my two months in Shanghai, so that was tempting, but I eventually tried to eat as much as possible by going for the 1/2 salad option (35RMB) along with 2 healthy sides (25RMB).

I chose the ‘raw powerhouse’ salad (couldn’t resist the avocado) with sides of ‘raw zucchini with garlic bread crumbs’ and ‘orechiette, pesto, green beans, asparagus and roast tomato’.IMG_2576

So fresh and green, it was a sight to behold (and eat). The ‘food’ setting on my camera couldn’t get enough.


The food, along with a bottle of water, came to 85RMB (£8.50) – more than I had anticipated, though the cashier’s wrong returning of change meant I actually paid 10RMB less.

In fairness though, there are so few healthy food places like it in Shanghai that I was more than happy to pay. If I live there in the future (fingers crossed) I can see myself lunching there frequently.

But for now, I’ll be watching its healthy fast food revolution overtake the city, with great eagerness.

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