Great Wall of China

Last week I had the pleasure of ticking off the classic bucket list sight in China – the Great Wall.

The weather was gorgeous, and waking up early and avoiding the convenient, touristy part of the wall (Badaling) meant that getting great shots was a doddle.

All in all, I could not recommend more spending a good few hours hiking up and down Mutianyu. It is incredibly awe-inspiring, even in mid/late November, so I can only imagine what it must look like during twilight, spring etc.

If anyone reading this plans a visit, try persevere beyond tower 20, so you can see the unrestored part of the wall. It’s definitely worth it (see last few photos of blogpost), easier than hiking the Yellow Mountains and very beautiful.

I’ll stop blabbering now and let the photos speak for themselves.










3 thoughts on “Great Wall of China

  1. Awesome photos! Doubt I’ll ever get to visit, at least I can enjoy your photos! Somehow sad to imagine all the poor people working so hard to build it and many who died. 😦

    ❤ carmen


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