Xi’an’s Muslim Quarter

After travelling China for three weeks I’d have to say that Xi’an was my least favourite destination.

The fact it was drizzly, dark and polluted didn’t help the city’s case, but considering it was one of the four ancient capitals of China, home to important dynasties and the Terracotta Army as well as the starting point of the Silk Road, I found it and its famed city walls a little underwhelming.

Excitingly enough, however, for a comfort eater and unashamed foodie, the food was incredible.

Shaanxi province is in the northwest of China meaning its food was heavier and spicier than that of many other regions. The noodles were to die for – wheat rather than rice, they were wider, thicker and longer than I had experienced thus far. To this day, I am still drooling over them.


The gem of Shaanxi’s foodie heaven can 100% be found in the city’s famous Muslim Quarter, located north of the Drum Tower and west of the Bell Tower.

The area is home to over 20,000 Muslims, 10 Mosques and an even greater array of mouthwatering food. The lanes are rated as #6 on TripAdvisor, but. for me, I found it the highlight of my time in Xi’an.


The streets, teaming with restaurants, tacky souvenirs and, best of all, an abundance of street food stalls, have an incredible buzz to them.


Culturally, it transports you to a completely different part of China, or, in fact, the world.


A personal highlight of my wanders there was watching noodles made in front of me. A labour-intensive process, a surprising amount of strength and speed seemed necessary to create the carb delight!


Aside from a devastating moment where I bought stupid amounts of tofu, thinking it was potato, the lively streets could not have thrilled me more on the chilly November evening.


Enjoy the rest of these foodie snaps!







Am I alone in thinking this tofu looks deceptively like potato?! #sob
Am I alone in thinking this tofu looks deceptively like potato?! #sob

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