A wintery snapshot of Toronto life

A major minus to relocating to Toronto in January was the pesky minus numbers themselves. A naive Londoner, I showed up in a light coat, expecting a shivery month or two before the weather warmed up in March.

It’s now April and I’m still praying the weather is a delayed April Fools’ joke.

I’m sure my crazy Mexican landlady wishes the same – my radiator and electric blanket remain on 24/7 (sorry heating bills!). And I still can’t seem to grasp that my new winter coat, that I’m desperate to ditch, is STILL being worn.

Don’t believe me? Fair enough, I have a definite tendency to exaggerate. But fact remains: February was Toronto’s coldest month on record.

As much as I love exploring new cities and taking photos, I’d quite like my fingers to remain frostbite free. Combine that desire with my juggling of two internships, a bunch of new cousins and pals, and you’ll see why the photography on this blog has been infrequent as of late.

But I thought I’d upload a few shots to show you how cool Toronto is (yep, in both senses of the word). I love the city but I’d also love it to warm up.

Here’s to hoping! My crossed fingers will stay put, hopefully the gloves around them won’t.

Toronto City Hall
Union Station
Union Station
Residential condos by Keele subway station
Kensington Market
East of Keele station
The Gooderham Building
The Gooderham Building
Residential road in North York
Stumped as to the name of this fine building
Stumped as to the name of this fine building
Graffiti Alley in Queen Street West
Nathan Phillips square
Nathan Phillips square
Just another downtown shot
Just another downtown shot
Lonely bench near University of Toronto
Lonely bench near University of Toronto
The hideous, the glorious, the concrete monster: the CN tower from below

Most of the photos were taken downtown, and many seem to feature the infamous CN tower. If nothing else, they’re proof of how much better everything looks when the sky is blue!

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