School’s out, it’s brunch time!

By ‘school’s out’, I mean: goodbye work and hello long Easter weekend!

I also mean that any negative connotations you have towards school will fly out the window upon visiting Liberty Village’s coolest brunch spot.IMG_5293

School, located on 70 Fraser Avenue, doesn’t take reservations. So get queueing like the rest of us. ‘Rest of us’ in this case means good looking, young professionals, leading the area’s revitalisation and gentrification efforts.

A 15 minute street-car west from King subway station, it’s a matter of minutes from downtown proper. It’s well worth the journey, and you’ll leave fully educated in the art of perfect brunch.

(Getting sick of these school-related puns? Head straight to detention!)

My friend and I were seated in 10 minutes, not bad for a busy Saturday morning, and we were made to feel immediately at ease. It’s bustling but still manages to feel unhurried, maybe thanks to our charming waitress. Customer service gets a tick.

So does the decor. Not minimalist enough that it bores, but edgy enough to be totally instagrammable, I can’t see school receiving anything other than an A+ in this department.


The countless clocks are all frozen at 3.30 which is a nice ‘school’s out’ touch, but to be completely honest, the menu is so dazzling you’ll hardly notice.

With separate menus for weekday and weekend brunch, the latter a little fuller and more luxurious, it’s little wonder we spent a good half hour struggling (a happy struggle thankfully, no algebra or arithmetic in sight).

We were jokingly reprimanded for our indecision, but we were the one’s laughing, as bottomless coffee was served in abundance.


I don’t even need to announce how adorable the crockery is as the above photo speaks for itself. Sunlight streamed through the window, epic girly goss was indulged in and we came very close to forgetting our intern woes.

Eventually, we put a stop to the geometry-esque discussions (enough going round in circles!) and made some decisions.

I picked the ‘roasted apple-a-day waffle’ ($15), though the poutine was a close second choice (it looked divine with braised leeks, eggs and more).
An aside to any family members reading this: yes, I was a horrendous, Passover-breaking Jew, but at least I’m a good Canadian..?

The waffle did not disappoint.


Accompanied by cinnamon creme anglaise, summer fruit and gorgeously light cream, the shot of syrup helped every mouthful go down a treat. House made granola also adorned the waffle, giving it an immensely satisfying crunch.

My lovely pal Monika ordered the ‘krispy krunch French toast’ ($15). Its report card was even more faultless, thanks to School’s innovative recipe.


The menu describes the dish mysteriously (“rolled in snap, crackle + pop, with orange maple marmalade and sugar dust”). I can’t really clarify what exactly this means, but I can urge you to try it for yourself. Surprisingly enough it wasn’t sickly sweet, but was absolutely delicious.

The portions were pretty generous, but we decided to share a side of ‘pan-fried hashbrowns with jalapeno sour cream’ ($4) anyway. It was a long weekend and we were without our families for Easter and Passover… OK, so that logic doesn’t quite add up, but the dish made for a tasty, savoury breather anyhow.


We left as two very satisfied pupils (customers).

My bill of a main, half a side and coffee came to $22 (£12), which I thought was completely reasonable, even in spite of BlogTO’s warning that the bakery was “slightly pricey”.
(Oh, had I mentioned the restaurant is also a fully functioning and glorious looking bakery on the side?!)

With so many dishes I’m still gagging to try, a lovely atmosphere and the trendiest rep, here’s to betting I’ll be back before you can say ‘School’s out’.

If only ever class was as dreamy as this... thank you for the best brunch, School!
If only every class was as dreamy as this… thank you for the best brunch, School!

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