Quaint Quebec getaway

There’s something so charming about French Canada. A mere 8 hour drive from bustling Toronto (short, by North American standards) and you’re immersed in a culture worlds apart.


If you don’t fancy spending hours traversing Eastern Canada’s uninspiring, flat highways, Quebec City is under two hours flight away from Ontario’s capital.

And it’s the perfect place for a charming weekend getaway.


Here are some photo highlights from a recent trip there:

Old Quebec City

The old city not only holds pride of place on the UN’s World Heritage List, but it’s also the only walled town in North America.


Oh, and it’s probably the most pretty, European-esque town there too.


The church spires, cutesy shops and cobbled streets all take you back in time. A time where life is deliciously unhurried….

Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church

A culinary highlight was Restaurant 1640. The only thing better than the tasty, good-value set lunch menu, was eating it in the gorgeous sun.


Terrasse Dufferin

The 425m-long boardwalk, overlooking the St. Lawrence river, makes for a gorgeous stroll.


It’s packed with people busking, browsing and simply enjoying the sunny views.


Despite tourists in their hordes, the boardwalk is surprisingly peaceful.


And the picturesque nature of it goes without saying.


A must-see is the famous, gorgeous, Chateau Frontenac, which dominates the skyline. It’s little wonder it’s been named the most photographed hotel in the world!


Montmorency Falls

Having taken recent trips to both Kuangsi Falls (Laos) and Niagara Falls, it felt only right to see Quebec’s offering.


Montmorency Falls is a 20 minute drive from the Old Town, and well worth the effort.


At 83m it’s actually higher than Niagara, and its beauty can be viewed from a suspension bridge and multiple lookout points.


Stunning stuff.


Hope you’ve enjoyed the photos!

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