Most beautiful lakes in western Canada

Explore this part of the world one lovely lake at a time.

Lost Lake
Whistler, BC


Sunbathe by it, swim inside it, walk around it… Lost Lake guarantees fun for the whole family. Just a short walk from Whistler Village, it’s not just convenient but beautiful too. Swimming from the shores to the platform in the water is a must, as is a leisurely all-day picnic by the beach. It’s British Columbia at its best, it won’t disappoint.

Logger’s Lake
Whistler, BC


Yes, BC’s abundant green trees and blue lakes can get a little samey, but Logger’s Lake combines the two superbly well. Near the former Athletes’ Village (backpackers: it’s walkable from the fab HI-Whistler hostel!), the small lake, inside a volcanic crater, is truly idyllic. Peaceful, and with a decent hike to reach it, gem is an understatement.

Killarney Lake
Bowen Island, BC


You wouldn’t jump to hyperbole when describing Killarney Lake – the water is pretty, not beautiful, whilst the landscape is attractive, not dramatic. But what the trail around the lake does provide is a fantastic day trip. A regular ferry service from Horseshoe Bay takes you just a short walk from the secluded lake. It’s lovely, and the rest of the island is well worth an explore.

Okanagan Lake
Kelowna, BC


The Okanagan is a great part of the world as its titles include Canada’s only desert and its best wine region. Not only that, but the main city by Lake Okanagan, Kelowna, is the perfect stopover if driving from Vancouver to Alberta’s glorious national parks. Though the city itself has a slightly artificial feel to it, the lake is simply stunning. Worth a wander, at the very least.

Lake Minnewanka
Banff, AB


Perhaps not the most striking of all the nearby lakes, Lake Minnewanka makes up for this with its sheer size (the largest body of water in Banff National Park), atmosphere and mildly amusing name. Take a boat cruise or just enjoy the glacial lake for what it is – a picturesque slice of the inimitable Canadian Rockies.

Lake Louise
Banff, AB


The most well known on this list, Lake Louise is undoubtedly worthy of acclaim. The glistening blue waters and mountain peaks are postcard perfect (OK, Instagram perfect – it is the 21st century). Embark on one of the many hiking trails around the lake (it has been called ‘the hiking capital of the world!’) and breathe in the fresh mountain air. But wake up early to avoid tourists and SLRs left, right and centre!

Lake Moraine
Banff, AB


At half the size of its nearby, more popular neighbour Louise, Lake Moraine is seriously underrated. The glacier-fed lake was pictured on old Canadian twenty dollar bills, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s outrageously good looking.

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