The best hostel in Lisbon

In my eyes, The Independente has got to be one of the best hostels in the world.

And that’s not even a rash claim – I’ve experienced hostels in a pretty good selection of countries (America, Canada, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Spain AND Portugal).

Don’t believe me? Then believe The Guardian or check out my photos of this glorious, decently-priced specimen from a recent trip there…


Gorgeous architecture on a beautiful Portuguese street.

IMG_6785 IMG_6788


Just across the road from the São Pedro de Alcântara viewpoint. It’s stunning, as are the sunsets.

IMG_6778 IMG_6906


Spacious and smart, with bunk beds that are genuinely comfortable(!)



Free breakfast and delicious food the rest of the day.




Great happy hour deals and pleasingly large selection of drinks.

What you looking at?
What you looking at?

Outside space

Simply the best.

IMG_6758 IMG_6763 IMG_7098


Beautiful – the historic building was once occupied by the Swiss ambassador.

IMG_6773 IMG_6792

It’s no wonder why Lisbon has some of the nicest and best-value accommodation options in Europe. You can tell the hostel is decent because locals flock to its restaurant and bar as well as backpackers.

The city is amazing and definitely underrated, book your long weekend now at The Independente!

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