Morocco’s gem: beautiful, blue Chefchaouen

There is no doubt that Chefchaouen is Morocco’s hidden gem. A sapphire one to be precise, the mountain city is stunning, and blue-washed all over.

Similar in temperament to coastal Essaouira, the feel is very laid-back, especially in comparison to cities such as Marrakech. This could be because of how readily available weed is, but also thanks to the remote mountain town feel.

Get a bus there from any sizable Moroccan locality (e.g Fez, Tangier), follow these suggestions and prepare to fall in love, or at least into a mega relaxed state of being…



Wander round: the medina

The medina, set against the backdrop of the Rif mountains, is truly stunning. You even get harassed less by sellers here, so can nearly escape from feeling like the tourist that you inevitably are.


Wander round and don’t even bother trying not to gawp at the beauty of every side street.


Hike to: the Spanish Mosque

The Spanish Mosque is a half hour uphill walk from the eastern medina gate.


The views from it, overlooking Chefchaouen, are dazzling. Go at dawn or dusk to make it even more so.


Stay at: Riad Baraka

Riad Baraka is centrally located, clean and the staff are super down to earth. Breakfast is decent, too.


The best part? The outdoor terrace. Lounge around (above photo) and take in the views (below photo).


Eat at: Bab Ssour, Cafe Aladdin


Both restaurants offer a wide selection of tagines and other Moroccan dishes, in lovely surroundings and for decent prices. Both also have outdoor areas with nice views (in case it wasn’t obvious already, nice views are inescapable in Chefchaouen).


…and enjoy Chefchaouen’s beauty




[For tips on being a female solo traveller in Morocco click here, and for pretty Moroccan photos click here and here!]

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