Highlights of the Swiss Alps

Hiking in Switzerland is a must-do. And the stunning route from First to Bussalp (via Bachalpsee and Faulhorn), is an ideal place to start.

But for those who prefer more peaceful activities (gentle strolls, small town delights, idyllic viewpoints), the Swiss Alps won’t disappoint either.

Two highlights from my recent trip to the region are Interlaken and Grindelwald. Here’s why:



Interlaken is the perfection introduction to the Swiss Alps.

Unedited: the water really is that colour
Unedited: the water really is that colour!

My friend and I jumped off the train from Zurich and realised immediately why Switzerland is so attractive to tourists.


The resort town provides vistas aplenty; the viewpoint isn’t outrageously priced and the scenery is outrageously attractive.




As gorgeous mountain towns go, Grindelwald has got to be one of the best. (Along with Chefchaouen in Northern Morocco).


An abundance of natural beauty is just a very short walk from the cutesy town centre.


The restaurants might have classic Swiss prices (unaffordable for 99.999% of the world) but who needs food when the scenery is so dramatic?


Until next time, beautiful Swiss towns!


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