Hiking in Switzerland: Bachalpsee & The Faulhorn

There’s no doubt about it, Switzerland is breathtakingly beautiful. (And expensive).

It’s been a good year for mountains and me. From Emei Shan in China, to Morocco’s Atlas Mountains and the Canadian Rockies, I’ve been lucky enough to see some spectacular sights.

It was the Swiss Alps, however, that proved most picture perfect.

I’ll take you through the hike that was a highlight of my recent trip there (no.2 on this guide). Anyone with a spare 5 hours and moderate amount of stamina should give it a go. You’ll be overwhelmed at the beauty on display:

Start at Grindelwald


The charming mountain town of Grindelwald is worth a browse before hopping on the cable car all the way to First.

(It’d be wise to purchase a Swiss Rail Pass for your time in Switzerland. Pricey, but gives you unlimited train journeys and half price bus and cable car rides.)

Hike from First to Lake Bachalpsee

View upon disembarking from cable car

It’s a stunning walk. Signposted, not too difficult and should take no more than an hour or two.


Unsurprisingly, there are a decent number of tourists doing this walk.

Entering Bachalpsee

Relax by Bachalpsee


If this isn’t a dream lunch view then what is? Pack a picnic and luxuriate in smugness.


Hike from Bachalpsee to Faulhorn


The walk upon leaving Bachalpsee is quite literally an uphill struggle, but the views compensate for the hour-long leg pain.


As well as pretty little mountain lakes galore, you find yourself hiking at a crazy height, in parallel with the snowy peaks, for another hour or so.


Descent from Faulhorn to Bussalp


The scenery gets a little less dramatic as you go on, but that’s not to say it still isn’t stunning.


The path down takes about two hours, and you’ll pass adorable farms aplenty.


When you make it to Bussalp, there’s a cute little restaurant – the perfect place to wait for the hourly bus back to Grindelwald!

A well-deserved, extortionate ovaltine

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