Israel’s prettiest town: Zikhron Yaakov

Having now visited Israel on three separate occasions, I’m always stunned by how much beauty and variety it packs into such a tiny (and let’s not forget, contested) piece of land. Not to mention cute cousins and gorge sunsets

Moving far, far away from the nightmare politics and onto tourism, many people know that Jerusalem is more for culture and religion whereas Tel Aviv suits sun worshippers and party animals.

But what not many people know is how stunning the town of Zikhron Yaakov is. Situated in the country’s north (south of Haifa) and at the tip of the Carmel mountain range, it truly is a gem.

Charming, and full of cafes, galleries and cute shops, it reminds me a little bit of Aix-en-Provence in France. It was lovely and lively, even on a crisp December day.

Check out some snaps from a great afternoon there, and note the pic of my ancestors’ winery, Tishbi!


Want more hidden gems? Check out Chefchaouen in Morocco and Emei Shan in China.

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