Davison’s Safari Camp, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Welcome to thethoughtfultraveller.com’s Zimbabwe accommodation series!
Thanks to the wonderful Sikeleli Safaris, this lucky blogger has gained an exclusive insight into the best safari camps, lodges and hotels that the country has to offer.
Stay tuned for Hwange National Park and Victoria Falls highlights…

When you pull up to Davison’s Camp, deep in the Linkwasha Concession of Hwange National Park, you’d be forgiven for having fairly low expectations.

Compared with Linkwasha, its newer, flashier sister,  Davison’s looks fairly modest. These expectations, however, mean that the camp never fails to surprise and delight. And that’s with regards to pretty much everything – warmth of personality, quality of food and outstanding nature of game drives.

It’s one of the many camps that safari specialists Sikeleli Safaris offers – an eight tented camp in the park’s south east.


As the photo shows, the rooms themselves swing to the slightly more basic end of the spectrum (comparable to Miombo; certainly more Vintage than Somalisa).

But nothing about them isn’t super cute.

The facilities are in no way lacking, so you miss out on nothing that you’d find in a fancier camp. Great showers, too.


In terms of shared facilities, there’s a spacious lounge and dining room. Again, the complex looks a little modest, but pictures can’t convey the heart and customer service on offer there.

Staff know your name within seconds, and never fail to ask how you are and whether you want you drink topped up (you always will – the iced tea and coffee here is superb).


One of the most wonderful aspects of the camp is the abundance of pine decking. Both the massive lower deck and lovely upper one are perfectly placed to overlook the nearby waterhole.

And what a waterhole. One afternoon I skipped the game drive, sat on the deck and found myself missing out on little – my (much neglected) book and I saw elephants, zebras, baboons and more.

You see, game is easy to spot here. This is because Davison’s is set in an open plain, which makes for uninterrupted views of both animals and scenery.


Thanks to rainy season, the sky was a sight to behold.

And in spite of rainy season, the game drive, when I did eventually go on, was quite outstanding.

Like with Somalisa, the camp sits in prime lion territory. This meant Cecil the lion back in the day, but no shortage of them even now.


The knowledgeable (and flexible) game guide cut short our afternoon siesta to let us follow several lions for quite some time. (Fear not, high tea – one of the best I’ve had – was merely delayed, not cancelled.)

No animal lover could fail to appreciate watching the majestic creatures up close.

And no leisure lover could fail to appreciate a quick dip in the pool after so much excitement.


In this regards, the pool picture speaks for itself. But what is harder to describe is quite how lovely Davison’s is overall.

The term ‘hidden gem’ is a much overused one. Though it seems one of the only accurate ones to describe what surely has to be one of the best safari destinations in the world.

At the very least, it’s one of the best game viewing areas of the entire park.

To book Davison’s Camp please visit Sikeleli Safari’s website or email danni@sikelelisafaris.com.
For other reviews of safari camps in and around Hwange National Park, see my Miombo, Vintage and Somalisa reviews.



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