Linkwasha Safari Camp, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Welcome to’s Zimbabwe accommodation series!
Thanks to the wonderful Sikeleli Safaris, this lucky blogger has gained an exclusive insight into the best safari camps, lodges and hotels that the country has to offer.
Stay tuned for Hwange National Park and Victoria Falls highlights…

If you’re a five star hotel kind of person, but still want an authentic African safari experience, look no further than Linkwasha.

The camp is set in a particularly beautiful corner of Hwange National Park, a private concession that feels as intimate as it does luxurious.


Not only is Linkwasha close to the well regarded Ngamo Plains, it’s also been renovated recently.

This means the facilities are truly superb.


As the photo (from the camp’s website) shows, there are various multi-level decks within the complex. These encompass lounging chairs, various small pools and a whole load of decking for dining.

Sikeleli Safaris certainly chose well in offering it as one of their African safari destinations. Every inch of the camp is both thoroughly modern and lovely.


Having recently frequented its rival in luxury, Somalisa, I honestly didn’t think it could match up.

And I did find the public areas ever so slightly more sterile, but I also found the staff to be just as insanely friendly (particular shout out to Buli and Nono).


The lounge areas are all exceedingly comfortable. Best of all, they host a ‘high tea’ which words can’t do justice in describing. (Admittedly, chicken satay and Amarula chocolate cake was an odd combo, but I’m not complaining.)

But the way in which Linkwasha’s facilities most stand out, however, is thanks to their ‘winter lounge’.


This was such a nice touch. Partly, because I had very much visited the camp in rainy season (my fault), but also because there’s nothing better than curling up in the library-cum-lounge with a good book (my dream).

You might think that the weather would have affected the quality of game drives. Not so.


OK, the landscape was a little waterlogged, but 1) the drought-prone land didn’t mind 2) neither did I.

This is because Linkwasha sits in Cecil the lion territory. The guides aren’t just very knowledgeable having pretty much grown up with him, they also know the whereabouts of all related cubs and lionesses.


Not a bad sight for the mid game drive tipple!

Back at camp, you can be rest assured that the food is as perfect as you’d expect from such a classy establishment.

When it comes to eating indoors (thanks again, rainy season), the quality, service and setting is divine.


And when it comes to sleeping, divine is, if anything, an understatement.

Each of the nine luxury tents are gorgeous, with every amenity you could dream up.


They truly are African safari specialists – even the fussiest or most high maintenance of travellers couldn’t fail to be impressed by the service at Linkwasha.

Thank you for an unforgettable visit!

To book Linkwasha Camp please visit Sikeleli Safari’s website or email
For my review of its cheaper sister camp, Davison’s, click here.

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