Is It Safe To Book with Travel Republic? – Review

Is It Safe To Book with Travel Republic?


Is Travel Republic a Travel Agent?

Travel Republic is a UK based online travel booking site with local websites for the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Austria. The travel agency seems to be Europe-oriented but it offers a search facility for thousands of destinations around the world. If you are in one of the countries with a dedicated TravelRepublic online service, then you should definitely make use of this site to book a hotel or flight to your destination.

Travel Republic UK not only offers hotel and flights search / booking but you can also search and book car hire services, package holidays and cheap airport parking. The site also features the top selling tickets to the most popular attractions such as Disneyland and Aquatica.You can also find travel products that are designed to protect you and give you peace of mind on your holiday trip such as travel insurance. Cheap airport transfers are offered at destinations covered by the Travel Republic network, and to take make use of this service, you simply need to book for it on the website.

So why should you choose Travel Republic among hundreds of other competing travel agencies? The answer is simple. Just by going to the website, you will discover a lot of interesting deals and services. The main thing that catches the eye on is the ability to book a hotel for only

£1.00.This is definitely a first and the lowest deposit ever for booking a hotel. If you pay with a debit card then you will not be charged any fees. The sweetest thing is that you have 21 days to pay the balance before your date of departure.

The fact that over 2 million travelers make use of this online booking agency shows that the company is doing the right thing. Travel Republic is not just a travel search engine for finding your travel needs but it is a service that protects your booking the moment you purchase a hotel room or flight. This website is associated with IATA,ABTA and ATOL.The goal of this travel site is to help you get the lowest price on accommodation and flights, and they do this by gathering prices from partner airlines, hotels and travel agencies, so that you can simply choose the best offer from the list. Finding the best deal is a matter of entering your search preferences and clicking the search button.


Searching for hotels is the first task that you might want to do. This can be done at

The nice orange blue themed interface offers you a travel search form that gives you the option to search for hotels, flights, car hire or package holidays. To search for low-cost hotels, enter your destination name, number of rooms and check-in/check-out dates. You can purchase bookings using the British Pound or US Dollar. Click the button below to check availability of your preferred bookings. The site claims to offer a listing of over 200,000 hotel accommodations that a traveler can choose from, ranging from 2 stars to 5 stars.

As a European-centered booking site, the top destinations for users of this site are European countries like France, Italy, UK, Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Portugal. Travel Republic offers beach resorts, city deals and all-inclusive holiday packages at the lowest prices to these top destinations. Beach resort rooms start at an amazing £1.00 per night and the average price is around £4.50 per night for 2 adults sharing a room. There is no doubt that has the lowest hotel room rentals among most online travel agencies that I have encountered. City deals or city breaks start from £9.00 a night and all-inclusive holidays start from £5.00 a night.

The favorite destinations on Travel Republic that are popular with holiday bookers are Marjoca,Algarve,Costa Blanca,Dalaman,Tenerife,Costa de Sol and others. You simply have to browse through the list to check the wide offering of resorts that are offered by the website. To find a holiday destination, simply search the name on the form to find hotels in and around this destination.


The next task after doing a hotel search is booking a flight to your destination. To book a flight, go to this link

Here, you will encounter a form that requires you to destination and departure airports. You will also need to specify the dates for departure and returning. Four classes are available to choose from and these are the First Class, Economy, Business and Premium Economy. Travel Republic provides flights that connect routes between 2,000 destinations. Flight deals for beach resorts, city deals and long haul are given are on the right table. You can find airline ticket deals to beach resorts like St Lucia, Mauritius, Barbados, Malta and Goa where a trip to Malta might cost only £61 and a trip to Barbados only

£467.City deals for top cities like Venice,Barcelona,New York, Dubai, Glasgow, Milan, Hamburg and Amsterdam are available. For example, a flight deal to Venice might cost only £35 and Barcelona only

£37.Long haul flights to distant tourist destinations like Singapore, Nairobi, Mombasa, Tokyo

Narita,Beijing,Sydney,New Delhi and Miami are constantly offered and these usually from £300 and above. The top flight destinations on Travel Republic are Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, Canary Islands, France and Mexico.

Holiday Deals

Holiday package deals that include Flight + Hotel are provided on

This is a low-cost option for travelers who want to have a perfect holiday at one of the top tourist destinations.Travellers can choose from beachside resorts, city breaks and all-inclusive holiday packages. Here, the combined prices for hotels and flights are shown and these are more affordable than doing separate bookings. For example, you might get a hotel in Algarve, Portugal for only £5.00 and flights for only £33.00.A city break in Rome, Italy might cost only £20.00 and a flight only £44.00.An all- inclusive holiday deal in Crete, Greece might cost only £11 for a hotel room and £53 for a flight. To check the reviews of hotels, you have to check the Travel Republic Customer Hotel Reviews.

Car Hire

Car hire can be booked simultaneously with your flight and hotel room. The link to book car rental is found on Anyway this service is available for booking on the main search forms for hotels, flights and holiday packages. You can expect to save up to 40% for car hire. Travel Republic provides car hire search among the top car rental companies like Hertz, Avis, Thrifty, Europcar, Alamo and Budget. Car hire is available in over 7,500 areas in European and international destinations. Car hire deals are featured on the page in top countries like Spain, Greece, Portugal and the USA.

Airport Transfers

The fastest way to get to an airport or leave the airport on arrival is to book an airport transfer service. This has advantages in that you will not need to make use of your car and leave it at the airport when you depart. Airport transfers offered by mini buses, private taxis and shuttles operate on time and they help to get where you are going quickly. Rates vary depending on the location, shuttle service and distance. For example, shuttle services in Egypt are very cheap, starting at £2.00, a 7 seater in Bulgaria might cost you £14 and a 4 seater might cost you £14 in Malta. Travel Republic allows you to search and book an airport transfer that will take you to the airport on your day of departure or transport you to your hotel on arrival at the destination airport. You can make your booking on

Airport Car Parking

Airport car parking is another convenient service that can be booked on off- airport and on-airport services are offered as well as chauffeured services for those who cannot drive.Currently, it seems airport car parking is only available for UK airports. You can rent this service for as low as £5.00 a day depending on the airport. To book this service on Travel Republic, go to

Finally, you can explore the annual top attractions that are featured on the website in top destinations like Florida, USA, Spain, Las Vegas, Rome, New York, UK and Iceland. These are resorts and events with top selling tickets such as Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando, Halloween Horror Nights, Legoland, Discovery Cove and Dinner shows. Travel booking online via is really an exciting adventure!

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