Bing Travel Booking Online – Book Hotels and 19 Flights with

Bing Travel Booking Online – Book Hotels and 19 Flights with


Is Bing Travel an Online Travel Agency?

Bing Travel is now MSN Travel powered by Skyscanner. We all know that Bing is a big name owned by Microsoft Inc.This website is the second most popular search engine after Google. One of the things that people search on the internet is hotel accommodation and flights. People are constantly travelling to and fro, across cities, countries, regions and continents. The three most important things that you have to plan for when travelling is where to stay and how you are going to get there, as well as the cost of travelling.Bing Travel allows to search your travel needs and compare the cost among different airlines, hotels and travel agents.

With Bing Travel Booking, you don’t have to go far when you are searching for the lowest price. You can search for travel deals, low-cost hotels and the cheapest airline tickets to save money. Saving money is the top priority for most travelers because it is nice to have extra money to spend on your vacation on things other than your hotel and airline ticket. You want to make sure you get the best quality vacation or hotel room on a bargain and that you have a happy trip to remember.

Flight Search

So how do you get started finding deals on Bing Travel? Simply go to the search engine and click the [Travel] tab on the menu.Alternatively, you can simply go to

If you are using Google, simply search for “Bing” and go to the website. The Travel booking feature on Bing is very simple and easy to use. You have 3 tabs at the top, namely Travel, Flights and Hotels. The Travel and Flight search features are the same. Start by choosing your preferred trip. It can be a one- way trip, round trip or multi-city. Enter your departure city and your destination city. Start typing in the name of the city in the appropriate fields and Bing Travel will auto-detect the location code and name. Enter the date of leaving and the date of return. Choose the number of people that you are planning to travel with in the drop down box, and select your preferred passenger class. Click the search button to get results.

You will notice an option to search and compare prices from different travel agencies such as Priceline, Travelocity, OneTravel, Hotwire and Expedia.Select the travel agencies that you want to compare prices or you can leave the boxes blank if you don’t want to compare.

Bing Travel will show you the results of the available flights in tabular form including the airlines, airports, arrival time, departure time, duration of the flight, number of stops and most important of all, the price. The flight rates are shown in order from the lowest to the highest price. You can adjust the price range by dragging the bar at the top. Be sure to decide whether you want a non-stop or stopover flight. You can choose flights with a single stop or at least 2 stops. A search for a New York to Singapore flight returns prices ranging from $1190 to $2436.Naturally,you would choose a $1190 flight if it is available in your scheduled flight.Bing shows you the travel agency or airline that you can book with if you select a particular flight. More filters can be accessed by clicking an arrow under the top price bar. This allows you to filter results by airline, airports, flight quality and duration.

Hotel Search

The next step is to book a hotel.

Bing Travel hotel search can be accessed on .Once again the booking interface is very simple and intuitive. If you are travelling to Singapore, Singapore City, then enter the name under Location. Choose the check-in and check-out dates. Enter the number of adults with you and the number of hotel rooms you will wish to book. Just like the Flights search feature, the hotel search gathers results from online travel agencies and booking sites like Priceline, Hotwire, Expedia, and from these agencies can be compared and the lowest deal can be discovered in less than a minute.

There are daily deals offered by travel agencies and these are indicated on the price rates. A green indicator shows that a deal is available for the hotel, and a yellow indicator shows that a partial deal is available.

Hotel results can be filtered by price, class or popularity on Bing Travel. Where there is a price deal, the price from each booking agency will be indicated under the specific hotel. As an example, Copthorne Kings Hotel might be offering a $133 deal from Kayak, Agoda and Kayak, so you have to choose the travel agency to book with.

On the right side of the hotel listings is a Google Map that shows the location of the hotel. You can zoom in and out for a better view. The rating of the hotels can be viewed on the travel agent’s platform that you are booking with. In case you need to call the hotel and speak to them personally, you can quote their telephone number on the listing.

Be aware that some hotels cannot be booked via Bing or any of the travel agencies, so you have to call their customer support staff. If a hotel cannot be booked via Bing Travel, then you won’t see the online booking button on the listing.

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