Is It Safe To Book with TripAdvisor? – Review

Is It Safe To Book with TripAdvisor? – Review


Is TripAdvisor an Online Travel Agency?

Tripadvisor is one of the oldest and most popular travel websites in the world. What sets this travel and booking site apart from the rest is its wealth of community-generated content. It is the top site to find travel advice by travelers and travel experts.

The Most Popular Travel Community

 At, you will find all you want to know about a hotel or restaurant anywhere in the world. It is safe to say no booking site can match the diversity of information and traveler feedback that Trip Advisor has at its disposal. All hotels and restaurants are rated by travelers themselves, and you can also read feedback in the form of comments left by visitors to that hotel or restaurant. Traveler rating is important because you get the real opinion of the customers unlike expert reviews that tend to have a commercial bias.

Tripadvisor is a place for travelers to share their travel experiences with friends and the community. Users can share pictures taken during their trips and share with the world. There is also an active forum for discussions where questions are answered by the community and travel experts.

A user can find all types of travel accommodation on this site, ranging from low-priced hotels to specialty lodgings, bed and breakfast to motels, inns and vacation rentals. You can find suitable accommodation for family, couples and businessmen. You can choose a location on the beach, in resort areas, downtown or in the quiet outskirts. You can find places to stay that are suitable for a romantic outing, luxury accommodation for those with a taste for pleasure or get yourself a room near a casino if you are a night time reveler. Tripadvisor is able to give you value for your money whether you are a budget or high end traveler.

Find Hotels

To begin your hotel search, you must enter the name of the hotel or city on the homepage or simply go to the [Hotels] tab on the menu at

Enter your departing date and click the [Find Hotels] button. It is a good idea to search by city as this option will show a variety of hotels to choose from. You will see a list of hotels in the city, then choose to sort them by price, traveller rating, accommodation type, hotel class, types of facilities or amenities available or brand. The choice is yours, but you have to know your budget. This brings us to the bottomline – the price of the accomodation.Price is the ultimate deciding factor when booking a place to stay.

Tripadvisor allows you to filter the price per night of accommodation in 4 ranges – under US$75, under US$150, under US$225 and over US$225 per night. You can find the lowest price in any type of accommodation – hotel, specialty lodging, vacation rentals, bed & breakfast and inns. Simply select your price range and choose your accommodation type, then click the search button.

The most common international currencies such as the US dollar, UK pound, Euro, Canadian dollar, Chinese Yuan and Australian dollar are offered to book a hotel. Twenty five international currencies are provided from all continents and these include the South African Rand, Swiss Francs, Japanese Yen, Indian Rupees, Swedish Krona, Brazilian Real, Turkish Lira, Danish Krone, Mexican Peso, Argentine Peso, Norwegian Krone, Polish Zloty, Singapore Dollars, Thai Baht, South Korean Won, Russian Rubles, Indonesian Rupiah, New Taiwan Dollars and the Malaysian Ringgit.

You can choose hotels or accommodation with free internet access, free parking, swimming pools, free breakfast, fitness center, casino and 11 other types of amenities. You can look for a brand name, e.g. Hilton hotels and above all, the traveler rating of the hotel. Hotels and restaurants accumulate ratings from travelers throughout the year, and Tripadvisor has the largest amount of traveler-submitted ratings than any other travel site you will find on the internet. The ratings, comments, and as well as the large gallery of travel photos that travelers submit to the site will give you an idea about the destination.

When you come across a hotel that you would like to book, simply add it to your trip itinerary and book later. Trip Advisor has its own huge database of hotels, accommodation and restaurants but they also give you the option to browse data from other booking sites such as Expedia, Agoda,, and Venere.

After you book a hotel, flight or vacation with, make sure to share your experience by writing a review or add photos and videos by going to

Facebook Community

Tripadvisor is integrated with Facebook and you can see the places which your friends have visited. For example, when I go to, I can see that 95% of my friends have been to 7 continents, 71 countries and 1,558 cities. The Facebook application will also show you the number of check-ins that your friends have made as well as the reviews that they left. This feature is useful because I definitely would like to know what a friend thinks about a certain destination, hotel or restaurant before I visit the place and this will have a large influence on whether I would visit the place or not. There is nothing stronger than a friend recommendation, and Trip Advisor recognizes this fact.

Find Flights

You can book a flight at Trip Advisor by visiting this link

The Tripadvisor flight booking feature is similar in function to most travel booking sites like Kayak. There is an option to choose between a round trip, one-way trip and multi-city. Your location is detected and selected by default, and you simply need to enter your destination (city).You can include nearby airports in your search results by selecting this option below the [From] and [To] fields. Everything else is intuitive, choose the Depart and Return dates. If your schedule is flexible, make your dates flexible by selecting this option under the Depart field. Select the number of travelers with you, up to 6 travelers can be chosen. Choose between the Economy, Business and First Class. The Business and First Class will be more expensive than the Economy class. If you prefer a nonstop or direct flight to your destination, select this option on the search form, otherwise the flight is assumed to be an indirect flight with stopovers.

Finally, allows you to get email alerts when the price of flight tickets has dropped. This allows you to plan your trip so that you can save money on airline tickets. Click [Search Flights] to find your preferred airline.

Traveler Opinions, Reviews and Advice

To sum it up, Tripadvisor is not just a price comparison site for hotel and flight booking. It is a community site to get real reviews and advice from travelers like you before you embark on your trip. It will save you time that is needed to research and make an informed decision, and above all it will save you money and ensure that you have a secure and safe trip. Although travelling is fun and exciting, it can be stressful and frustrating when you travel to a place where you have never been before. Not knowing the best place to eat, the best or safest place to stay and the right price to pay can ruin your travel experience. It’s much wiser to get advice from people who have been there, people who know the ins and outs, the bad and the good.Tripadvisor ,a travel site that claims to have over 60 million traveler- submitted reviews for hotels and restaurants is the place to go.

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