Is It Safe To Book with Wego? – Review

Is It Safe To Book with Wego?


Is Wego an Online Travel Agency?

Wego is a new player in the online travel booking and they have a lot of testing going on like traveler surveys, mobile optimization and partner programs in beta. They are a travel booking platform for finding deals and comparing prices for hotels, flights and holiday rentals. Their booking site can find and compare rates from 150 sites within a few minutes, saving you time and money in the process.

The home page has two side-by-side search forms for flights and hotels, surrounded by a lot of information, banners, travel pictures and thumbnails. You can click the toggle buttons below the search forms to check out their popular destinations in Asia, Australia and Pacific, Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Wego travel site strives to strike the imagination of anyone who visits the booking platform by providing resort pictures of all destinations and hotels. On the left sidebar is the rectangular widget for booking holiday rentals. These are vacation rentals for a different type of accommodation besides hotels like villas, houseboats and beach studios. Most travelers are accustomed to living in dull hotel rooms when they go for a vacation, but when you want to feel at home, a fascinating beach house or duplex house with your own kitchen, bedrooms and dining room will give you an experience to remember. More information for the traveler like airports directory, hotels directory, flight schedules and flights directory is available under the directory section. The directory has information that most people will find useful for their travel needs and Wego has made sure that is information is handily available on their homepage. Like other top booking sites, is making an effort to take their service on mobile phone. Since more people have access to mobile phones than a computer, it makes sense to reach out to this multi-billion market and give them an option to book holidays from their mobile can be accessed on your mobile phone by going to

Wego has 30 local booking sites worldwide and expanding. They have 9 local booking websites in Asia Pacific, 7 in Americas, 6 in Europe, and 8 in Africa and Middle East. These can be accessed in the local language, for example for Singapore, for Malaysia, for Indonesia and for the United Kingdom. seems to be a huge name because they are associated with popular websites like Yahoo, Ebay, MSN, HolidayIQ, Travel and Leisure, NineMSN, DetikTravel and SouthEast Asia.

Search Flights

To book a flight, go to the homepage and fill in the Flights Search form. You can choose between a one- way or round-trip. Your location is auto-filled, so you just need to enter your destination. You have the ability to choose flexible dates to accommodate emergencies and change of plans during your holiday vacation. Three classes of air travel are available on Wego and these are First Class, Economy and Business. Indicate the number children and adults on your planned flight, and complete the date of departure and return. Click the search button, and that’s all you need to do to find a flight. After completing the search for flights, you can proceed to search for hotels on the adjacent form. The Hotels Search form will auto-fill your location and you will be required to enter the city or town where you are going.Optionally, select flexible dates if you want to have a flexible booking that allows you room to change your plans. Fill the anticipated hotel check-in and check-out dates, then indicate the required number of rooms and guests. Hit [Search Hotels] to get results.

You can also book flights on

This is the menu tab for booking flights. This page has a lot of relevant information about flights to your destination and in your region. There is a link to domestic and international flights. Once your location is pre-filled by the Wego flights application, you will get useful information that allows you to save money. The cheapest airfares from your location to various destinations are showed in ascending order. Simply look for flights to your destination and choose the cheapest flight from the list. For example, if I am in Windhoek, Africa, all flights from Windhoek to international destinations like Athens, will be shown.

The second piece of information that is shown by the app is the most popular airlines from your location. The prices are shown in ascending order and you simply have to choose the lowest-priced airline.

The third piece of useful information on the Flights page is the Flights Directory. Like the above mentioned sections, you will be able to see a list of flights from your location to other destinations in your region or worldwide. You can check the directories for flights to South America, North America, Europe, Middle East, Australia, Pacific Region and Asia.

Search Hotels 

To find the cheapest hotels on Wego, go to on the menu.

Fill in the Hotel Search or browse the hotel directory. The top 5 hotels are shown for each of the most popular cities.Bali,Bangkok,Singapore,Jakarta,Kuala Lumpur,Bandung,Hong Kong, Yogyakarta and Lombok are some of the most popular destinations on Wego.The top 5 hotels which also seem to be lower-priced are listed.Here,you can find hotels as low as US$13.00 per night. The cheapest hotel in New Delhi is Hotel Sri Nanak Continental at US$27.00 a night, Fragrance Hotel Crystal in Singapore at US$36.00 a night, Hotel Yani in Bali at US$18.00 a night, Hotel Mutiara in Jakarta at US$19.00 a night, Unique Guesthouse in Bandung at US$11.00 a night, Merbabu Hotel in Yogyakarta at US$16.00 a night and Amari Atrium Bangkok Hotel at US$28.00

Property Rentals for Holidays

If you are tired of hotel rooms, you can book Holiday Rentals at

This is alternative accommodation provided by property developers. It is a type of accommodation with a home feel. You can go for villas, beach houses, condos, apartments, B&Bs or lodges. Wego aggregates data from property outlets such as Roomarama, HomeAway, FlipKey, Stayz and Villa Guide to help you find the best price for your money. With a network of at least 16,000 destinations, you will be able to find the right property for your needs.

Package Deals and Offers

The travel deals page allows you to find the best lower-priced deals to exotic and luxury resorts that would otherwise cost you an arm and a leg. You can choose between package deals and hotel deals. Package deals include many other things besides hotel accommodation. They may come with adventure trips, helicopter rides, cruises, dinners and tours. Although package deals have a higher price tag than hotel deals because of extras, they usually prove to be cost-saving in the end because the price is all-inclusive. Consider purchasing a hotel deal, tours, cruise, car rental and exotic dinners separately, add up the costs, and you will find that the cost is multiple times higher than a package deal. Take advantage of Wego deals and special offers to experience vacation pleasures that only come once in a lifetime.

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