Is It Safe To Book with Zuji? – Review

Is It Safe To Book with Zuji? – Review


Is Zuji a Travel Agent?

Zuji is a travel booking website that operates in four countries in the Asia Pacific region. The online travel agency operates in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand and has local websites in these countries. The site allows travelers to book hotels, flights, car hire, cruises and holiday packages.

Zuji claims to have an extensive network that spans over 100,000 hotels and 400 airlines internationally. Although the company is located in Asia Pacific, users can also book their travel needs in Europe and the Americas. To book a flight with, go to one of the websites and complete the flights search form.

Zuji Singapore is hosted on and this is the website with the most searches. Apparently there are a lot of travelers to or from Singapore who make use of this site. A quick comparison shows that the three websites are quite similar.

Zuji Search Flights

The travel portal allows you to search for flights as your first option. You have to choose between three kinds of trips that are offered by the site, and these are the one-way trip, round-trip and multi-stops. If you are departing from Singapore, then this will be auto-filled. You have to enter your departure date and return date. Select the SuperSaver Flexi Date if you want to delay or postpone your flight dates by 3 days. You will be able to fly at any time within this period. Choose your desired class – economy, premium or business class. If you are willing to take any available flight regardless of the class, then you should opt for “I don’t mind”. Select the number of people in your entourage and specify them as adults, children or kids. Click [Search].

Zuji Search Hotels 

The next step is to book a hotel to your destination. You can also book a flight and hotel at the same time as a package deal. This is a smart way to save money because you get the best price than what you would get when you book these items separately. Watch out for promotional deals to save money such as the MasterCard $25 voucher for flights and the 10% discount offers on all hotel bookings. You should also look for promo codes that can be redeemed at any hotels that are in the Zuji network.

Zuji Singapore has a call centre at +65 6329 7557 that can be contacted when you need help with your booking. The travel website is full of deals everywhere you look. Flight deals can be viewed on the home page and these are offered by various airlines such as Delta Airlines, KLM, Cathay Pacific and so on. The most common destinations are in Asia Pacific, to popular tourist cities such as Bali, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai.

Zuji Holiday Package Deals 

Travel deals of the day are featured on the front page, and you can get unbelievable prices such as $100 for a weekend holiday in a resort town. These offers are usually promoted towards special holidays such as Easter or local calendar holidays. All inclusive airfare deals are a common highlight and you can get a weekend holiday that includes your flight and hotel accommodation at under $300.You have to study the best days to travel so that you can save money. It is not a good idea to travel when everybody is travelling because airlines and hotels usually increase the price on these occasions.

Holiday packages that offer you 4 days and 3 nights at a destination city like Bangkok for only $400 to

$750 can be snatched on Zuji.These usually include a 4 or 5 star hotel plus your airfare. Joining the travel community at, or will qualify you to receive special discounts.

Travel Insurance & Save Money Guide for Travelers

Zuji provides a guide or handbook on how to save money with the travel platform or plan your trip. They also provide travel insurance to their customers. Travel insurance is one of the most under-estimated packages but this can make a difference between having peace of mind and getting frustrated when things go wrong during your holiday. There are risks associated with travelling such as sickness caused by adjusting to a new environment, losing your baggage or getting involved in accidents. Travel coverage helps to pay for these eventualities, thus preventing you from draining your account or being stranded in a foreign land.

Car Hire

Car hire is available for travelers and this can be booked online by clicking the tab on the menu. It is important to note that Zuji is owned by Travelocity, one of the biggest booking and travel sites in the is a travel niche focusing on Asia Pacific, and this helps to serve and customize the needs of local travelers in that region.

Rewards Program

Zuji Singapore and Zuji Hong Kong have a loyalty rewards program that rewards travelers who make repeat bookings with the travel agency. You have to sign up to benefit from this program, and every time you make a booking with, you will earn points.

As evidenced by their large following on Facebook, Zuji is an upcoming travel site that is set to expand to all corners of the world.

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