Is It Safe To Book with – Review

Is It Safe To Book with – Review


Is eBookers a Travel Agency? 

Ebookers is a UK online travel booking company that serves the UK and European markets. This online travel agency originated from Flightbookers, an offline branch of the company with offices at Heathrow airport in the United Kingdom. The fact that the company opted to close its offline booking offices in Dublin and decided to run an internet-based platform shows the changing trends among the modern traveler who prefers to shop online from the comfort of his or her home. This is the reason why traditional travel agents are taking to the internet to get a share of the huge market which cannot be ignored is a brand property of Orbitz, another big name in online travel booking for hotels, flights, car rentals and vacation packages.

Ebookers has a lot of information on its homepage which includes a booking form with multiple options, allowing the traveler to book flights, hotels, car rental and rail separately or booking any of these together. All in all, there are 8 booking options on the same form and it is up to you to choose the preferred option. The travel site will allow you to save up to £191 for booking a package that might be a flight plus hotel, flight plus car, hotel plus car or flight plus hotel plus car. There are over 110,000 hotels to choose from in the network. You can also take advantage of regular deals with generous discounts that are available on the site.

eBookers Travel Deals

The ebookers main page features cheap hotels, flights and holidays deals. You can click one of these deals if they are relevant to your needs. You might find something like May Bank holiday deals offering discounts for weekend stays, sunny vacation hotel deals with up to 40% discount or a deal for a UK rail tour. The beach map facility allows you to find the perfect beach resort to spend your holiday and save money at the same time.

City breaks are also featured on ebookers main page. You might find a city break package deal to one of the top destinations in Europe. The travel booking site has a list of favorite hotel destinations compiled their travel experts. The best prices can be found on this list and you are guaranteed a price difference refund if you happen to find a much lower rate among ebooker’s competitors. Some of the favorite hotel destinations on the site include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dubai, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami, San Fransisco, New York, Paris and Rome. Simply click a link to a destination that is in your travel plans to book and enjoy the lowest rates.

Besides the favorite hotel destinations, there are recommended destinations which are prescribed by travel advisors at ebookers.You should take a few minutes to find out why they are recommended. Top flight destinations are one of the offerings on the site and in this section, you will find the cheapest airline ticket from the list. The travel agency negotiates directly with airline carriers to secure the best rate for travelers. You can find a £55 airline ticket to Amsterdam, £561 airline ticket to Las Vegas, £450 airline ticket to Toronto or £511 flight to Hong Kong. The top 16 flight destinations are listed on the site.

Budget Flights 

To get a guaranteed low price for your ebookers flight, you should look at budget flight destinations. These are destinations which are plied by low-cost airlines, ensuring that you get a cheap airline ticket every time. Low-cost flights are available to most destinations including the top destinations in the world such as Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Sydney, Thailand, Australia, Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong. You can save a lot of money by using low-cost flights.However, most of these flights are indirect flights with one or more stopovers.Anyway, the long time that is needed to get to your destination is compensated by the savings you will gain by making use of these airlines.

Discount Hotels

Ebookers has also features discount hotel bookings. These are the equivalent of budget flight destinations. A list of discount hotels is listed specifically for bargain seekers who want cheap accommodation in their destination. Hotels can offer discounts ranging from 10% to 80% depending on the day and season. If you need a discount, then you don’t need to waste time scouring the internet.

Simply head over to this section. Discount hotels are available in most destinations like Bangkok, Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong, Berlin, Boston, Phuket, Singapore, Stockholm and Venice.

Book Hotels Online

 To book a flight, hotel, car rental or UK Rail tour, head over to any one of the following URLs: Flights –

Hotels –

Flight + Hotel – UK Rail – Car Hire –

The hotel booking form allows you to enter extra options such as the preferred star rating of the hotel, the hotel chain, the hotel name and a promotion code that allows you to get a discounted rate.Ebookers deals with several hotel chains around the world including Walt Disney World, Inter Europe Hotels, Aloft Hotels, Americas Best Value Inns, Crowne Plaza, Four Seasons, Sheraton Hotels, Hyatt, Hilton International, Marriott, MGM Resorts, Holiday Inn, Sunway Hotels and others. The most popular hotel deals can net you up to 75% price off.

Search Flights 

The flight search allows you to choose a flexible schedule so that you can depart at any time of the day. You can choose between a round trip, one way trip and multi-city trip. The flexible schedule is a good option because you are guaranteed to get the cheapest flight on your day of departure. Travelers can opt for a non-stop flight but most non-stop flights are not cheap. If you want to search flights by airline, then you can do so on the flight form.

Car Hire 

Car hire options on eBookers allow you to rent a car separately or along with hotel and flight booking. The choice is yours. If you need a car on arrival at the airport to drive around the city, then you should use this feature to find a cheap car. You can specify the preliminary specifications of the required car on the search form such as air conditioning, automatic or manual transmission. The top car hire destinations are listed on the site and these include London, Cape Town, Munich, San Fransisco, Dublin, Manchester, Pisa, Nice and Zurich.

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