Why Agoda is the Best Hotel Booking Site To Find Cheap Rooms

Why Agoda is the Best Hotel Booking Site To Find Cheap Rooms



Have you ever searched for the lowest priced accommodation on a booking website only to find that there is none? It can be hard and frustrating to find a cheap room because truthfully speaking, these rooms are not usually advertised or listed by booking sites. Most of the times, you can only find these rooms through people who know the place and those who have visited the city. You can also find these rooms by directly visiting the hotel or enquiring from staff via telephone (but be careful, some hotel staff will try to sell you expensive rooms first).Fortunately, Agoda is the only booking site where you can find all types of rooms, ranging from $1 to anything. All you have to do is book a room on the website and a confirmation will be sent to you.

Hotel 120 USD per night Hotels 120 USD per night

Needs of a Business Traveller

If you have travelled a lot on a personal budget rather than a company sponsored trip or business trip, you will realize that there is a difference between the two, especially when it comes to budgeting needs and choice of accommodation. When you are travelling on a business trip i.e. going to a conference, workshop, seminar or site meeting, you have the advantage of company funding whereby the company pays for your trips as part of your travelling benefits. As an example, a Civil Engineer who works for a consulting firm makes several trips to construction sites across towns and cities which are many miles apart, often separated by large expanses of land. He or she has to fly to attend site meetings and board room consultative meetings. As part of the job requirements, the Civil Engineer has to book accommodation and flights in advance. It’s not uncommon for construction industry consultants such as the Civil Engineer, Architect and Quantity Surveyor to make at least 10 trips in a month. The consultant doesn’t need to book accommodation and buy air tickets personally, but he or she has the luxury of delegating the work to the secretary or office assistant. In addition to this, the business traveller does not need to worry about finding the cheapest hotel, lodge or bed & breakfast because he can always use the company cheque book to settle the bill in any hotel, regardless of the price. Even if there is no advance booking, a business traveller can always choose any accommodation on arrival, as long as the company foots the bill.

Hotel 30 USD per night Hotels 30 USD per night

Needs of a Budget Traveller

An adventure traveller or vacation goer travelling on a personal budget doesn’t have the luxury of choosing any hotel or appointing an office assistant to make booking arrangements. If you are travelling on personal savings, you have to be modest and minimal in your spending, otherwise you may find yourself in trouble. An individual traveller doesn’t have the advantage of a company cheque book or credit card. In order to make your journey as smooth as possible, you have to plan ahead. Let’s say you are planning to travel to Nairobi, Kenya for a sightseeing holiday. You have never been to the city or country and you have no friends or relatives there who can give you free accommodation, so you are basically making a journey into the unknown. Luckily, there is nothing like travelling into the unknown in this digital age of the Smartphone and internet. Before you set a date for departure, you have to find suitable accommodation at your destination city. There are many hotel booking sites on the internet but most sites will not show you what you are looking for. If you have ever used a majority of sites like Booking.com, Hotel.com, TripAdvisor.com and Travelocity, one thing you will realize is that accommodation on these sites usually start from $25 and above. You won’t get anything cheaper than this. The site owners have deliberately set that minimum for their own gain. They usually promote discounts and deals, pitching themselves as the best place to find cheap accommodation but they really aren’t offering the cheapest rates. Try to use the search filters on the sidebar of the booking site to find lower rates. You will notice that the minimum is about 20 to 25 USD, depending on the site. You won’t be able to go lower than that. If you are looking for cheap accommodation under $10 or $15, then tough luck for you. However, to all budget travellers out there, do not despair!! There is a solution for you.

Hotel 8 USD per night Hotels 8 USD per night

Agoda is the only booking site where you can find rooms lower than $10. You can find rooms starting from $1. Asia Pacific has some of the world’s cheapest accommodation. It’s also a top destination for Western tourists. In the Asia Pacific region, there are lots of lodges, guesthouses, villas and hostels offering decent accommodation in the $3 to $15 bracket. As an example, in Cambodia, it is not a surprise to find rooms for single occupants and shared accommodation in the following price ranges:

Thatch Rooms $1 per day

Dorm Rooms $4 to 6

Bamboo Rooms $6 to 12

Budget Rooms $10 to 13

Standard Rooms $12 to 16

Deluxe Rooms $17 to 20

Superior Rooms $12 to 21

Bungalows $20 to 27

You won’t find these rates anywhere except on Agoda . Compared to other regions like Asia, rooms in Africa are not cheap. Accommodation rates are usually in the same range with no distinction between hotels, guesthouses, villas, bed & breakfast and apartments. However, if there are any lowerpriced rooms, you can always find them on Agoda. So do not waste your time with other sites such as TripAdvisor or Booking.com.These sites hate cheap accommodation. Just go to Agoda. Every traveller has a right to cheap accommodation.

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