Is Hyatt a 5-Star Hotel? What is it Known For?

Is Hyatt a 5-Star Hotel? What is it Known For?   or


Is Hyatt Considered a Luxury Hotel?

Hyatt is a hospitality company with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.The company owns about 500 hotels and accommodation properties in 45 countries worldwide, ranging from luxury hotels to vacation clubs. The company has 8 distinct brands of properties with a unique style, location and design that are targeted towards different holiday activities, budgets, interests and tastes. You can make a hotel booking online by going to the company’s website.

Although providing hotel accommodation is the main specialty of this company, you can also book a flight and car rental by making use of the site’s travel packages. Special offers, gift certificates and a travel rewards program are also available to give extra benefits to the client. Hyatt offers local hotel booking websites in 10 languages including French, German, Spanish and Chinese. The hotel group does not charge booking fees and you can search the best or low-priced room among the Hyatt properties and brands in the region. Once you make a reservation with the hotel, you are able to manage it as you like. You can cancel reservations, modify your booking, find a new hotel room and retrieve your hotel bill.


Hotel Search

Booking a hotel on Hyatt is a quick process that requires you to enter your destination, which can be a city, local attraction, airport or physical address. Complete the form by entering your dates for arrival and departure, then click the [Find Hotels] button. The Hotel search is a small square form on the right sidebar. You can then choose your preferred hotel in the search results. The hotel reservation form can be accessed on On the right side of the hotel search form, there is reservation retrieval form that allows you to retrieve your reservation by filling in your name, surname, reservation number or credit card.


Hotel + Flight + Car Travel Packages

Hyatt offers a combo booking for those who want to save money. This is a travel package that allows somebody to book a hotel, flight and car together, so that you make a single purchase for all three items. You have three options for booking a combo package and these are hotel+flight, hotel+car or hotel+flight+car.The choice is yours. After selecting a package you should proceed to complete the form by filling in your departure location and destination. Specify the departing and returning dates, and state the number of people that you are travelling with. Choose your desired rooms and remember that you can only make a booking for up to 8 people. If you have a promotional code or coupon, enter the code and click the [check availability] button. Promo codes can be obtained from other shops and stores that have a relationship with Hyatt. You can save a lot of money by using promotional codes.


Special Offers and Promotions

If you need more options, you can use the advanced search to book multiple rooms. On the right side of the travel package search is a list of offers to selected destinations. You can find a great deal on special days like Mother’s Day, holiday packages for couples on a honeymoon or romantic trip, vacation club packages for golfing etc.To make a booking for a combo travel package, go to

Hyatt has a dedicated page for special offers. This allows you to browse through a wide range of deals promotions and offers that can be easily searched by interest. You can search for special offers by using the form on the left side. After entering your destination and dates for arrival and departure, select the type of offer that you would like to find. There are nine types of offers based on interest, for example, breakfast, family and reward program offers.


Travel Rewards Program Free Flights, Hotel Stays, Dinner, Car Rental

A great way of getting the most from Hyatt services is joining the Hyatt Gold Passport rewards program. This is a program that basically allows you to earn points and miles for purchasing a booking via and its brands. Points are earned when you make a hotel booking, visit a restaurant or get a spa treatment. Bonus points are awarded on top of the points earned if you are a Platinum or Diamond member. You can also earn points by booking a car rental with Avis.

Another benefit of joining the Hyatt Gold Passport membership is that you earn airline miles if you book accommodation with earn at least 500 miles for a hotel stay and these can be redeemed at any of the airlines that participate in the program. At the moment, there are 30 airlines that participate in the travel rewards program including British Airways, American Airlines, Air France, Delta Airlines, Emirates, Lufthansa, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Virgin Atlantic Airways.

While most airlines give 500 miles per stay, some airlines like AeroMexico, Air China, Virgin Atlantic and LAN Airlines SA give more than that.

The best thing about the Gold Membership rewards program is that you can convert points to miles. This stretches the usage potential of your reward points, allowing you to redeem all kinds of bookings and purchases at Hyatt. Thus, you can use your points for booking a vacation package, hotel room, car rental, flight or simply get dining and spa. To learn more about the benefits of Gold membership, go to The platinum and Diamond membership have more benefits that allow you to maximize your earnings, and get the most out of Hyatt services.

The fastest way of earning reward points is purchasing points or combining them.However, you do not need to do this if you are a regular traveler because every one of your bookings with Hyatt counts towards earning you points. The more you travel, the more points you get. You can even donate your points to friends and family members.

The minimum 5,000 points qualify you to book an overnight stay at a standard hotel, or you can redeem the points at a spa or restaurant for an equivalent sum of $25.In order to get a free one-day car rental via Avis, you would need an extra 1,000 points to make 6,000 points. More points earned, for example 12,000 points, will enable you to book higher grade facilities, better services ,longer stays and more options all for free. You can stay in a luxury hotel suite for 2 days or opt for a 3 stay at a standard hotel with 12,000 points. This is equivalent to a 2 day car rental at Avis or $75 spending money at a restaurant or spa.

To get the best experience from Hyatt hospitality, you should take a look at the branded residences that the hotel provides for clients. This will allow you to choose the best type of accommodation for your needs and you can always make a search to find the lowest-priced hotels within the branded residences. Some of the best branded Hyatt residences are Hyatt Place, Regency, The Blue, Escala and Hyatt Park.

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