Is It Safe To Book with StaTravel?- Cheap Hotels, Hostels and Flights for Students and Youth

Sta Travel Booking Online – Cheap Hotels, Hostels and Flights for Students and Youth


Is StarTravel a Good Travel Agency for Students?

Sta Travel is a student travel company with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.The organization allows students to book hotels, hostels, flights and adventure tours in different destinations around the world. If you need to book your travel requirements with this company then you should go online and choose your country on the website.Alternatively, you can make an online booking from one of the 20 main sites on the home page which include English speaking countries like the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. If one thinks of international travel, hotels and flying, then you would assume that only people with a high steady income can afford this type of luxury. Booking a hotel room and travelling across continents looks like a luxury to most students because they don’t have that kind of money to take leisure trips. Student travel organizations like STATravel and Student Universe seek to make travel affordable for students and young people by providing cheap accommodation, flights and holiday packages.


Sta Travel also offers trip planning, travel insurance, bus tours, rail travel and car rental for anyone who books with the is the site for the USA .The site for the United Kingdom is and the site for Australia is three sites are similar in design, the main feature being a booking form and large jquery slides which feature travel deals. The bottom space is filled with hotel and flight deals to top destinations like New York, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam and Paris. Although this site is intended for students and people under the age of 26 years, anyone can book a hotel, flight or adventure trip via Sta Travel.However, the travel deals are separated so that there is a section for students and a section for everyone.


Find Cheap Flights


Travel booking online with Sta Travel is easy. You can begin your adventure by booking a flight. Make use of the flight search form on the home page. As an example, if you are travelling from Washington DC to London, Enter your current location (Washington DC) in the [From] box, and your destination (London) in the [To] box. Choose the date when you will depart and the expected date of your return. If you can book a one-way trip where you will only get a one-way ticket. This gives you the freedom of stretching your stay without being limited by a return ticket that requires you to board a return flight on a certain date. Another option that allows you to stretch your stay is the flexible dates.However, with flexible dates, you have a maximum number of days by which you can extend your stay.


The Flexible Dates schedule allows you to get the cheapest flight if you choose to depart at any time of the day within the extended period. This option allows the flight search engine to choose the cheapest flight among all the daily flights in the Sta Travel network. On the search form, indicate the number of students and people under 26 years of age who are flying with you. Click the search button to find your flights. Students and young people enjoy the cheapest airfare than adults, but you should have your student ID card with you all the time when travelling. Your international student ID helps you to take advantage of thousands of discounts that are offered to students by Sta Travel for hotel, flights and car rental.


Search Hotels and Hostels


After completing your flight search and booking an airline ticket, you should look for accommodation in your destination country or city. Sta Travel has access to 27,000 accommodation properties around the world which are spread over all continents. You can find hotel rooms at a suitable location like the beach, city center or resort center. The network aims to provide budget accommodation for cash strapped students who are not working yet. One of the cheapest accommodations that the student travel agency provides are hostels. Hostels are big common rooms which can accommodate a lot of people, say 6 or 12 people per room. The accommodation is very basic and students will like this type of accommodation because they usually travel in groups. Students will use hostels for sleeping and taking a rest after a day-long adventure trip.


To book a hotel or hostel, head over to and select your destination continent. On the hotel and hostel search form, enter your destination country and city, including your check-in date, the desired rooms and nights, and the number of occupants. Click the search button to find your room. You should choose the best low-priced accommodation from the results. Book the accommodation if you are satisfied with it.


Student Travel Special Discounts


To take advantage of cheap rates that Sta Travel provides for students, you should check the student travel specials. This page lists all the deals, promotions and holiday packages designed to save you money so that you have spare your cash for other things. Discounted budget tours and trips by sea, rail or car are available for students who wish to take a summer vacation or simply visit a famed tourist attraction in Europe.


Besides budget tours, you can opt for vacation package deals for students to visit famous resorts in the United States. These allow you to pay a discounted combined cost for booking a hotel and flight together. If you wish to visit famous places like Las Vegas and New York or take a beach vacation in Hawaii or Miami, then this package is for you.Sta Travel also offers last minute tours which can be booked immediately for those who are taking long trips. These offers are not always available because of the need to book early but when they are available, it is a great chance to save money because discounts are offered for a quick sale.


You should also check for current promotional codes or coupons to reduce your booking rates. While Sta Travel offers budget hotels and vacations for students, you can further reduce your travel costs by making use of promo codes. When you get a code, simply head over to book your hotel room or flight, and enter the code to get a discounted price.


Local stores where students can make an appointment or booking are available in the USA.Stores are currently available in San Diego,Chicago,Chicago,New York and Washington DC.Visiting a local STA Travel store will allow you to have a personal consultation with travel advisors, who can help you to plan your trip well.


International Student ID Cards


Travel planning is the most important part of any trip because it can mean the difference between enjoying your trip and having a frustrating journey. There are things that you have to prepare for and get ready before you take your flight. You will need to organize your passport and visa.Sta Travel will give you the right information about the documents required to enter a specific destination. Getting an international student ID will help you get around easily and qualify you for student travel benefits.

Cards are available for students, teachers and young people. To apply for a student ID card, go to and choose your option. There are 3 types of cards, the International Student ID card is for members who are still at college or university. The International Youth Travel card is for young people under the age of 26 years who are not students or have finished college. Just by virtue of your age, you can enjoy the travel benefits that students enjoy with Sta Travel. The International Teachers ID card is for full-time teachers who want to enjoy the privileges of low-cost travel with


International Phone Cards


Sta Travel provides international cellphones that are reachable in any part of the world. You can buy the phone for only $30 from the travel agency or you can get an international phone card that can be used in any telephone booth around the world. The advantages of having this type of phone service are obvious because you want to keep in touch with friends while you are travelling. Students should get this service as part of their travel planning.


Rail passes are some of the things that you will need to get if you are planning to take a rail tour. With this type of pass, you have the freedom to go any place.Sta Travel can organize rail passes for students who are taking a rail tour in selected destinations.


A small group of independent travelers might wish to book a car at the destination. You can book a car in any destination where car rental is provided by one of Sta Travel’s partners. Over 500 partners provide car rental services through the travel agency.


Travel Insurance


The last but most important thing that you need to get is travel insurance.However, coverage is only available for US residents. Travel protection is provided for both local and international trips. While travelling is an exciting experience, you still need to be protected from incidences that may arise during your trip. In case of any incidence, you can file a claim with one of Sta Travel’s insurance partners. You can get the minimum coverage for only $54 for international travel, which allows a maximum coverage of 8 days. The coverage increases and varies with the amount of money paid.


Canceling a trip with Sta Travel for any reason including disturbances qualifies you for 100% reimbursement. Costly trip delays that get you behind schedule by 6 months qualify you for a maximum reimbursement to the value of $500.In case your baggage is lost, stolen or damaged and efforts have been exhausted to recover your baggage, you will be eligible for a compensation of up to $1,500.


A maximum compensation of $100,000 is available for falling sick or getting injured during your trip. This includes the cost of surgery and medical aid. Emergencies that require hospitalization exceeding 7 days can claim compensation up to $250,000 and this covers the cost of transport to the hospital and return airfares for you and a family member who will be accompanying you.


To ensure that travelers get the best price at all times,Sta Travel will give you a $500 credit if you find a travel quote that is higher than theirs.However,this applies to specific competitors such as Kiwi Experience and flights from the USA that are quoted in US Dollars.



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