Is It Safe To Book With TravelZoo? – Review

Is It Safe To Book With TravelZoo? – Review


Is TravelZoo A Good Travel Company?

TravelZoo is a reviewer of deals for travel booking online. It is a platform where travel, hotel and hospitality companies list their deals for a fee. As of now, the company claims to have over 26 million people who are subscribed to their deals and over 2,000 organizations that advertise their deals on the site. The travel deal site does not just list deals from any company that pays the price but it has professional workers who are paid to do travel shopping and evaluate deals. The best deals are listed on the site so that readers have access to only tested and recommended deals.

Best Deals by Practical Travel Evaluators

The TravelZoo concept is different from common online travel agencies like Expedia or Kayak who act as booking price comparison platforms through a partnership with hotels, airlines and travel agencies.

TravelZoo provides deals and offers for hotels, flights, vacations, cruises, entertainment and car rentals. The company also lists local deals, last minute deals and the top 20 deals that are recommended by travel evaluators. Users who make use of this deal platform have the homework done for them and they simply need to choose the top picks that suit their budget and other preferences. It takes a lot of time to assess individual deals and the best way to assess a deal is get feedback from people who have booked the deal. When you cannot get reliable recommendations from friends or other travelers, then it becomes difficult to make a decision, and this is where TravelZoo comes in. They will test the deals for you and you don’t have to take the risk of going through a bad deal that has no recommendations.

The welcome page for TravelZoo is simple, a different design but the function is similar to Travelocity. You are presented with local websites in the local language of the country where the company operates

i.e. USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Asia and China. You have to choose your preferred site i.e. if you are from the UK, then you should select to serve your needs much better. If you want to make the site your default site, then tick this option at the top.

The local site for the USA is site’s homepage strives to present all the information that might be useful to you, for example, daily top deals, destinations, tax day deals, deal search, deal sign up, TravelZoo tips, testing booking center and multiple site price comparison for travel deals. You have to choose what you want to do first.

Airline Ticket Deals

If you are looking for an airline ticket deal, then go to Airfare 

In this section, the best flight deals to different parts of the world are listed. The site offers airfare deals to the USA, Canada, Europe and international destinations. The best deals are featured in the middle of the page, for example, you might find a $59 domestic flight in the USA by Virgin America, $776 spring flight to Europe by American Airlines, $118 US to Canada flight by Air Canada or $999 trip to South Africa and Kenya by South African Airways. The advertised airfare on TravelZoo is the final price that includes taxes and fees as required by the US Federal government.

You can search airfare deals by destination, class or best deal of the day.Alternatively, check the top 20 deals or search and compare flights from different sources by using the multiple site comparison feature at the bottom of the page. On the same page, you can browse other offerings like hotels, vacations, cruises, car rentals and entertainment.

Hotel and Accommodation Deals

Hotel search has a similar layout. Hotel deals are found on lists the top destinations in the USA, such as Hawaii, Las Vegas, New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston. A search for hotels in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and rest of the world can also be done. Deals for various types of accommodation such as hotels, beach resorts, bed & breakfast, bungalows, townhouses, vacation clubs and so on can be found. You might find a $139 bungalow in the Bahamas, $59 resort accommodation in Orlando, Disneyland,

$116 stay at Niagara Falls Hotel, $99 at a Mexican beach resort or $285 per night at a luxury Caribbean resort. These hotel deals on TravelZoo include a lot more extras, freebies and bargains like unlimited meals, free vouchers, wifi, gift cards and other things. Maximize your search by using multiple site search if you cannot get a deal to your destination.

Vacation Package Deals

Vacation packages to destinations in the US,Mexico,the Caribbean,Europe,South America, South Pacific, Middle East, Asia and Africa are available on TravelZoo.These can be sorted by activity or type which includes golf,ski,adventure,romance,escorted,sports and more. You might get a 7 night 5 start vacation trip to Scotland and Ireland for only $1799, a 3 city tour to Italy for $899, six night beach vacation in the Dominican Republic for $599 or a 4 night Las Vegas vacation for $214 including two nights free.

Car Hire Deals

Car rental deals in North America can be accessed on america/. You can also search for deals in international destinations.TravelZoo lists deals from car rental companies like Sixt and agencies like can do a wide search to find deals from different sites. Examples of deals that you might include a $7.44 a day car rental in the US, allowing you to travel to many cities in the country.

Last Minute and Local Deals

Last minute bookings are known to be expensive than early bookings, but you can take advantage of last minute deals on to get a cheap airline ticket, vacation or hotel room. You might get a $6 weekend deal in Denver hotels that allows you to save up to 65% in expenses, $17 ticket to NBA game,

$399 three night vacation deal in Hawaii plus free $25 credit, $10 weekend stay in New York City or a

$139 bungalow beach vacation in the Bahamas. There are lots of high discount deals for weekend stays in hotel resorts in most US cities, allowing you to save as much as 80% in hotel bookings. To check deals in your location in the USA, go to the TravelZoo local deals page on deals/


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