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Is Yahoo Travel a Good Booking Agent?

Yahoo Travel is now called MSN Travel. Yahoo is one of the top 5 most visited sites in the world. This company is a pioneer of many internet products and services such as Yahoo Mail and the once popular Yahoo Search engine which has taken a low profile since its integration with Microsoft Bing.Yahoo Travel is one of the products that has remained on the main website offerings. Visitors to the site can make an online booking for hotels, flights, vacations, car rental, vacation rentals, cruises and other services.

The main page on Yahoo Travel features a booking form, top cities, travel deals and hotels in top destinations. Top destination cities are listed in alphabetical order from Amsterdam hotels to Zurich hotels. A look at one of the top cities, for example Boston, Massachusetts will reveal a beautiful photo of the cityscape, along with a brief description of the city, the awards won by the city and the main attractions in the city. There is a mini menu where you can browse the city hotels, attractions, restaurants, maps and photos. Just below the top cities slideshow, there are travel deals related to the city, for example, you might find a 4-star hotel deal for $188 in Boston by Hotwire, and 3 other deals including a $307 hotel deal by Expedia.

If you have a Yahoo Mail account, you can save the deals under My Trip Plans. This keeps a history of your selected deals and travel plans which can be accessed later on if you want to make an online booking. Yahoo Travel allows you to suggest a hotel or attraction that you think should be added to the site.

Book Flights 

The booking form on the homepage allows you to book a flight as a first option. State the city where you are going, the city or airport which you are leaving, the dates for departing and returning as well as the number of adults and children with you. If you want to book a flight separately on its own, you can skip the book together option and click the search button. This will return results of low-cost flights to your destination.

If you want to book a flight and a hotel together or a flight, hotel and car together, then you should select these options on the search form. Booking items together allows you to save money. Options to choose a one-way trip, round-trip or multi-city trip are available. Yahoo flights can be booked on

Yahoo Travel has a flight tracker which can be accessed on tracker.html .A flight tracker is a cool feature which allows you to track a flight in real time as it is happening, from the moment it takes off from the airport to the moment it lands at the destination airport. It is a useful tool that allows you to determine the location of a plane over terrain. This makes use of Yahoo Bing Maps, and the plane can be seen as a tiny dot over the map. People who are waiting for your arrival at the airport can make use of this tool to check whether you have arrived or not.

Additional information like flight delays and other incidences can be obtained from this tool. To make use of a flight tracker, you must be connected to the internet. Simply go to the Yahoo flight tracker link and browse the map.

While on Yahoo Travel, you can find information about any airport. To look up the info, type in the name of the airport and the airport code in the provided search bar on the Yahoo flights page. You can also click the name of the city if it is listed on the top cities list.

Book Hotels

The search for hotels is provided on All items on the site, flights, hotels, cars, cruises, vacations and rentals can be accessed on the same booking form which features menu tabs for each item.Alternatively, you can use the main menu to find your travel requirements.Travellers can book a hotel only, a hotel plus a flight or a hotel plus flight plus car. As much as $550 can be saved by booking items together, so you should take advantage of this option whenever you can. To book a hotel on Yahoo Travel, enter your destination city, check in and check out times, including the number of rooms that you want. There is an option to book secret hotels. Tick this option if you want to find out.

Secret hotels are only revealed after making a booking. You bid a price and the system will find suitable accommodation for you in your preferred location.

The car rental section on Yahoo Travel allows you to book a car only or book a car together with a flight and hotel. On the car rental search form, enter your pick up and drop off point, including the time and date. Click “Search Cars” to find the best car hire deal in your destination.

The Vacations section allows you to find the best vacation deal to one of the top destinations in the world. You can book a hotel only if you are looking for a hotel deal.However, the purpose of this section is to find a package deal that includes a flight and hotel or flight, hotel and car rental. Fill in the form, stating your location, destination, check in and checkout times including the number of rooms required.

Vacation Trip Ideas

 Finally, one thing that you might find interesting and helpful is Yahoo Travel Ideas. This section allows you to choose a perfect holiday trip of your imagination. Destinations are classified according to special interests and activities. If you are looking for a romantic trip, a beach vacation or shopping paradise, then this is the place to go. You can find vacation packages for summer holidays, winter breaks, facilities for family and golf lovers, etc. Beautiful pictures of resorts and attractions in Las Vegas, Paris, San Diego, Miami, Santorini, Honolulu, New York City, London, Cabo San Lucas and many other cities can be found.

To get an idea of how much you can save with Yahoo Travel, browse the deals at the bottom of the page at .Vacation packages have discounts ranging from 1% to 10%.Hotel deals offering discounts ranging from 20 to 60% can be found, and discounts for flight deals are anywhere from 10% to 30%.

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