Is Sheraton a 5-Star Hotel? What is it Known for?

Is Sheraton a 5-Star Hotel? What is it Known for?



Is Sheraton a Luxury Brand?

Sheraton is a brand of hotels under the hotel and hospitality group Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Sheraton Starwood owns over 1,100 hotel accommodation properties around the world and new hotels are being built and opened each year. The company has hotels in over 400 locations in the USA,Europe,Asia Pacific Region, Asia, North America, South America, Middle East, Asia and Africa.Travellers are able to book a hotel online on the company’s website.


Hotel Search

To make a hotel booking online, you should go to reservations on the home page of are multiple reasons why you should book a hotel with Sheraton.First, there are no fees charged for making an online booking. Your booking is cost-free meaning that you don’t lose money every time you make a booking and cancel it. There are rewards for booking a hotel room with this hospitality and tourism company.Travellers who complete a booking earn points known as “Starpoints”, and these points will gradually accumulate as you travel. To get as many points as you can, you should make it a point to make your reservations via Sheraton or Starwood hotels. Special offers with generous discounts are promoted regularly on the website, and you can take advantage of these offers to reduce your hotel costs.

So how do you book a hotel on Sheraton? There are three ways to book a hotel room on the . You can fill a hotel reservations form, book by phone or skype.Finding a hotel of your choice is simple. Enter the city where you are going, including the country and state. Fill in the check-in and check-out dates. Select the number of rooms that you want, including the number of people who will be sharing a room. Click the search button to view the results. You can select the best hotel from the results that suits your budget and other requirements such as services and activities. You can choose by location, price, star rating, brand and so on. An alternative to using the search form is checking the Sheraton hotel directory.


Hotel Directory

The Sheraton hotel directory is a handy online directory that lists all the hotels in a region. All Sheraton hotels in every country and continent are listed, and you can drill down to the city and surbubs.Simply choose your destination at the top left hand corner or browse through the listings by scrolling down.

Pick your continent, then drill down to the country, state, and city respectively. Should you be satisfied with the hotel accommodation, you can click the “Book Now” button next to the hotel. You have to realize that this is a directory for the Sheraton brand of hotels. There is another directory for Starwood hotels.

There are three categories on the hotel directory that will help a user make the right decision. Users can choose hotels by the type of amenities or facilities available, the brand or by SPG category. For those who are not familiar with the Sheraton brand, choosing by hotel type and amenities will be the best option since you can clearly see the activities, interests and services that are being provided. For example, the ‘Airport’ subcategory is for people who want a hotel near the airport. ‘Beach’ is for vacation travelers who want a hotel by the beachside or close to a beach resort. The categories are self- explanatory. There are 24 sub-categories which define user requirements and needs. You can book a hotel that offers internet, airport shuttle, childcare, leisure activities like golfing, tennis, ski or facilities like fitness center, indoor pool, outdoor pool, spa and restaurants. There are hotels that support or host occasions like weddings, business meetings and honeymoon. You can check for hotels that allow pets and hotels that don’t allow smoking. Sheraton is one of the brands owned by Starwood hotels but there are other brands like Four Points, W Hotels, St Regis and Aloft.

Once you have made your hotel reservation, you can check the status of your reservation by going to the website and entering your name, credit card number or confirmation number.


Special Hotel Offers

Starwood hotels allows you to make the most of its services by giving you a best rate guarantee. Users who book a hotel online or via telephone can change their rate within 24 hours after making the booking. This means that if you find a lower rate, you can modify your booking and enjoy the discount. The hotel will add an extra 10% discount on your low rate or you can opt for 2,000 Starpoints.

Money saving opportunities can be obtained by browsing through the Sheraton Offers page on

You can browse for offers to popular destinations or look for activities and interests on offer. If you are looking for wedding, honeymoon, skiing, beach resort holidays and local events offers etc, then look under Activities & Interests. Promotional deals which are valid for a certain period are also available and these are categorized as Time Limited offers.

To find an offer in your destination, you should use the search form. Enter your scheduled dates for travelling and click the button to get results.Alternatively, you can sign up for an email update that will be sent to your inbox when offers are available.

The Sheraton Starpoints program allows you to earn points through selected offers. Booking for these offers will earn you more points and bonuses, allowing you to earn points much faster than a regular booking.

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