Is Marriott a 5-Star Hotel? What Is It Known For?

Is Marriott a 5-Star Hotel? What Is It Known For?

Is Marriott a Good Hotel?

Marriott is a hospitality group that owns over 3,800 hotels and accommodation properties around the world. This company has won many awards in the hospitality industry and it has operations in over 74 countries, with some of the world renowned hotels in its portfolio like the world’s tallest hotel – the JW Marriot Marquis Hotel in Dubai. You can make a hotel booking online and be a guest in one of its hospitable properties.

Marriott is a brand name that most travelers and accommodation seekers will look for when they want to book a hotel. A brand represents quality and excellent service, and Marriott has grown to be admired around the world, making its presence felt in most major tourist destinations. The company is not only popular in the United States where it operates in the Top 20 cities that include Los Angeles, New York City, Washington DC,Miami,Chicago,Boston,Hawaii,San Diego, Orlando and San Francisco but is has an international presence in top destinations like Europe, the Caribbean, London, Italy, Madrid, Paris, Mexico, Shanghai, Puerto Rico and Toronto. The Marriott hotel chain has a presence in the top countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific Region, South America, Central America and Africa.

So why should you book a hotel with Marriot International? Booking a hotel with this company has many advantages in that your booking is safe and secure since you are booking directly with the hotel group and not via third party booking search engine or comparison site. You benefit directly from the discounts and deals that are offered by the hotel company and you don’t need a middleman to negotiate the prices for you. By simply signing up with this hospitality company, you will benefit from a variety of travel cost saving programs that are offered to members. When you make an online hotel booking on, it is easy to manage and track your booking, and you can cancel the booking at your convenience. You have access to the hotel’s customer support number and you can call them directly to discuss your booking.

How to Book a Hotel Online

Marriot allows you to search and compare hotel rates in its network, thus you can easily find the cheapest hotel room in your destination. You can search over 3887 hotels and lodgings that are owned by the company, guaranteeing you the quality that is associated with the brand name. So how do you search for a hotel on Searching for a hotel is easy because you only need to go to the home page. The hotel booking form is presented right before you at the center of the page.Thisrequires you to enter your destination city or airport code, your destination country, check in and check out dates, number of rooms and your Marriot Rewards number. Click the “Find” button to get results. While booking, you can choose a flexible date, use your reward points, and search for special rates or book by brand.

Marriot has 16 brands of hotels and these are found on

Here you will find accommodations tailored for different clientele, from the young student traveler to the wealthy executive. You will find the most luxurious hotels with the finest facilities, food and service like the Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott, the urban style AC Hotels, spacious courtyard accommodation, full kitchen townhouses, executive apartments, boutique hotels, luxury beach resort accommodations, traditional historic hotels, vacation clubs, holiday inns, conference centers and private properties for rent.

The Marriot Hotel search facility allows you to search by brand, amenities, hotel type, travel interests and location. While the search by brand is suitable for those with a certain taste, the search by amenities is suitable for those who want a certain type of service like free breakfast,WiFi connection, swimming pool, exercise center or gym, private kitchen, conference center and hotel restaurant. You would want a Wi-Fi connection if you have a mobile office (laptop) with you, and you will need a gym facility if you want to keep yourself in good shape all the time. Swimming pools are provided for those who want to relax and conference facilities are provided for those who are hosting meetings and workshops.

If you are not sure about the type of service that you want, then you might want to look at Travel Interests. There are facilities and holiday packages for couples, people on honeymoon or romantic trip, those who are seeking adventure and those who like casino, playing golf, tennis, skiing, snowboarding or visiting a spa. The full form for searching Marriott hotels is found on It contains all the options that you might want such as brands, deals, special rates and meeting space.

Rewards Program, Vacation Deals and Hotel Discounts

One of the ways of saving money on is by joining the Rewards Program. The Marriot Rewards Program allows you to earn free points for every booking made via the company. You can earn 35% of your bookings cost back and use the points to book a hotel ,flight ,vacation holiday, or car rental with the company. There are multiple ways of earning points which can be obtained by shopping, buying an airline ticket, booking a hotel room, travelling etc.

The Hotel Directory provides a list of destinations in all countries and continents where the Marriott brand operates. You simply need to browse through the directory by specifying your hotel preferences. The hotel group offers deals for featured cities, airport hotels, boutique hotels as well as special rates for Military and Government Employees. Senior savings deals for older people are available and there is an opportunity to take advantage of the AAA hotel discounts. The AAA hotel discount is available for most services offered by Marriott like hotel rooms, spa and internal hotel purchases.

Vacation packages on can be booked as a Hotel+Flight combo or Hotel+Car combo. Complete the vacation search form on and enter the city or airport code where you are travelling to and from. Choose your date of departure and return, the number of adults and children with you and rooms that you want. Click [Find Vacations] to get a list of vacation deals to your destination.Travellers can search for new hotels, beach hotels, ski resort hotels, themed hotels and family travel hotels.

To take advantage of Marriott hotel deals, go to Here you will find all types of deal offered by the hotel group.

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