Top 10 Flight Trackers to Choose From – How to Track an Airline or Plane

Flight Tracker : Top 10 Flight Trackers to Choose From – How to Track an Airline or Plane

A flight tracker helps you to determine the location and information about a flight at any given instance. The best flight tracking website shows you the position of a flight or airline in real time, meaning that you see the flight live as opposed to waiting for the application to update, say every 15 minutes. If a plane tracker does not have live tracking capabilities, then it should update the information at the shortest time possible, preferably in less than a minute, so that a user is not kept waiting. The flight can be seen as a visual representation on a map i.e. Google Maps or Bing Maps. Most flight trackers make use of Google Earth allowing you to see the position of a flight over terrain and landscapes. You can actually see the flight as a dot at any instance i.e. over sea, ground, city, country or mountains.

If you have a relative, family member or friend who is travelling from point A to point B, let us say from New York to Singapore, you can track his or her flight just by going to the flight tracking application on the internet. Besides the visual information about a flight status, a flight tracker will show you essential information like flight delays, speed, airport activity, weather conditions and other happenings along the way.

A live flight tracker gives you the best experience not only because it’s a cool feature, but it allows you to manage your time well. There is little or no time lost due to updating and you can plan to drive to the airport at the precise time of the flight’s arrival. If you are expecting somebody to arrive at the airport and you aren’t making use of a flight tracking app to determine his or her flight status, then you will be in the dark about what is happening. All you can do is rely on the flight timetable, wait and hope that the plane will land at the stipulated time. You will never know if the flight has been delayed, re-routed or changed, and you will never know where the flight is at the moment. It is a common thing for flights to delay by several hours and this can be a frustrating experience. Several hours of waiting are really not exciting for most people even for the most patient. You can avoid this headache and waste of time by making use of a live flight tracker.

This application will keep you updated while you are at home or running your normal day-to-day business. No need to leave the comfort of your home to wait many hours at the airport. When the flight has landed at the airport, you will see the status on the flight map, and you can drive to the airport knowing that your guest has definitely arrived.

The following are some of the best flight trackers that you can use to track a flight:


This is a live flight tracker that is easy and simple to use. Simply go to the homepage and enter the name of the airline and flight number. Click the “Track” button to see information about the flight. You can also enter the origin of the flight and the destination to get info about the flight.

FlightAware allows you to track airline flights and private flights. The private flight tracker requires you to enter the flight number. Enter the number and click ‘Track Flights’ to see the flight location. In case you have forgotten the flight number, click a link to retrieve the number.



FlightRadar24 is a flight tracker that allows you to set filters and change settings to generate custom information about a flight and its status. The main feature on this website is the large Google Flight Map that automatically detects your geographical location. This app can show you real time flights, the flight number and the time delay. For more features like preventing expired sessions, you should upgrade to a paid subscription.



FlightStats is a flight tracking website that allows you to see a wide range of information about flights,                        airports and airlines. The flight tracker on this website is found as a sub-menu under the Flights tab. Just by hovering your mouse over this tab, you will see other information that you might want like Flight status and Flight Schedules. Under the Airports tab, you can access other interesting information like the Airport Tracker and Airport Weather.

To see updated information about a flight, go to the flight tracking form and fill in the details which include the Flight Number, Airline and Date of Departure. Click the [Track] button to see the flight map and info. You can add optional info like the Arrival and Departure airport.

Another interesting feature on this website is the Delay Maps that shows you the current delays at international airports mainly in the USA.You can also subscribe to get flight status alerts to your email address.



This flight tracker allows you to track flights to and from the USA or Canada. You can search flights byairline, scheduled flights or flight number. You will be required to enter the flight number when you are tracking an airline. If you know the airport codes and flight identifier, you can use the advanced search to get flight info.



This simple plane tracker consists of a flight tracker form and an airport delay tracker which are placed side by side. You can track flights by flight or route. Enter the airline code or name, flight number and date, then click [Track Flight]. The Airport Delay tracker shows you the delays at airports in the USA and Canada. A delay is denoted by a yellow dot on the map. Normal flights are shown as green dots and airports with heavy traffic are shown in red. To see details about a specific airport, click the dot on the map or select an airport from the drop-down menu. This website also shows a price list of airport parking for airports with parking facilities.



This is a web application that allows you to find a flight or plane on Google Maps. You can see planes in flight on the map and zoom in on the flight. The web app also allows you to see the movement of ships across the map.



AeroSeek tracks flights to and from the European continent as well as the USA and Canada. Besides national and commercial airlines, you can also track private flights. Flight views are available in various formats including Google Maps, Google Earth and 3D.Extra information like flight status and flight delays is featured as well as airport activity and weather etc.


Flight Arrivals

This flight tracker allows you to search flights by using a Flight Number. You can search commercial and general aviation flights. For commercial flights, select an airline from the drop-down list, enter the flight number and select a date. There are interesting results like a seat map, aircraft info and image gallery. The most useful info that a user will get is the Flight Map, Flight Status and Flight Info.

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