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About Us TheThoughtfulTraveller

TheThoughfulTraveller was opened on 17 November 2022 after the Covid-19 Pandemic, founded in 2013 as BookingforHolidays and later on BookingForDestinations.

We specialize in publishing hotel deals and discounts for readers. It can be time consuming searching for cheap but high quality hotels because they are usually snatched by the time you come across them. TheThoughtfulTraveller does not only bring you unbelievable discount hotels and amazing deals on one portal, we also give you tips and advice for travel, including cheap flight deals, holiday vacation packages, tourist attractions, festivals and events.

Welcome to thethoughtfultraveller.com

Here you will find information about holidays and attractions around the world.

– Booking for hotels,flights and vacation packages.

– Travel deals,offers,calendar events and festivals.

Enjoy the site!


Email – bookingforholidays[at]gmail.com