How To Check My Continental United Airlines Flight Status?

How To Check My Continental United Airlines Flight Status? continental united airlines – Continental United Airlines

This article explains what to do after you book a flight with United Airlines. The activity following your booking involves waiting until the time comes when you want to know about your flight status. The airline also known as Continental United Airlines allows fliers to check their flight status via their website on are required to subscribe to the flight status notification to keep them updated. You should take the steps outlined below to sign up for the airline and make use of its flight status notification subscription service.

Create an account with Continental United Airlines, then log into the site. Look for a flight status notification subscription link. Sign up if you are not subscribed or sign in if you are already subscribed. For subscription, you should click the “Enroll Online Instantly” link, then fill out the form. You will be required to enter details such as your ID number, username, password, email address and an address where you can be immediately contacted. Click the enroll button to finish your subscription. Visit this link to check your flight status.

Is Continental Airlines A Good Airline?

United Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in the USA. The airline is responsible for over 5,000 flights on a daily basis between points of departure and destinations. The airline operates in several cities in the USA, some of which include the cities of Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, Guam and Texas.  The airline has operations outside the USA as well, serving over 376 airports in six continents. Over 142 million passengers across the world make use of this airline each year resulting in 2 million flights annually. Fliers definitely prefer this airline because of its affordable service.

Not all airlines are perfect but one of the attractive features of this airline service are its competitive prices.Families,tourists,students and businessmen are some of the passengers who will book a flight with United Airlines. For those who want to save money and arrive at their destination on time, the airline gives value for your bucks.

Continental United Airlines has a huge network that connects the six continents. This means you have access to more destinations and flights, making it easier for you to save money, get to your destination on time and avoid the hassles of changing to a different airline at the airports. The more routes, airports and cities covered, the better your travel experience. This is the choice of airline for many people in the USA and Canada. As a result, it has become of the top airlines with the biggest flight bookings in this region. Its flight booking record is unmatched.


Top 10 Flight Trackers to Choose From – How to Track an Airline or Plane

Flight Tracker : Top 10 Flight Trackers to Choose From – How to Track an Airline or Plane

A flight tracker helps you to determine the location and information about a flight at any given instance. The best flight tracking website shows you the position of a flight or airline in real time, meaning that you see the flight live as opposed to waiting for the application to update, say every 15 minutes. If a plane tracker does not have live tracking capabilities, then it should update the information at the shortest time possible, preferably in less than a minute, so that a user is not kept waiting. The flight can be seen as a visual representation on a map i.e. Google Maps or Bing Maps. Most flight trackers make use of Google Earth allowing you to see the position of a flight over terrain and landscapes. You can actually see the flight as a dot at any instance i.e. over sea, ground, city, country or mountains.

If you have a relative, family member or friend who is travelling from point A to point B, let us say from New York to Singapore, you can track his or her flight just by going to the flight tracking application on the internet. Besides the visual information about a flight status, a flight tracker will show you essential information like flight delays, speed, airport activity, weather conditions and other happenings along the way.

A live flight tracker gives you the best experience not only because it’s a cool feature, but it allows you to manage your time well. There is little or no time lost due to updating and you can plan to drive to the airport at the precise time of the flight’s arrival. If you are expecting somebody to arrive at the airport and you aren’t making use of a flight tracking app to determine his or her flight status, then you will be in the dark about what is happening. All you can do is rely on the flight timetable, wait and hope that the plane will land at the stipulated time. You will never know if the flight has been delayed, re-routed or changed, and you will never know where the flight is at the moment. It is a common thing for flights to delay by several hours and this can be a frustrating experience. Several hours of waiting are really not exciting for most people even for the most patient. You can avoid this headache and waste of time by making use of a live flight tracker.

This application will keep you updated while you are at home or running your normal day-to-day business. No need to leave the comfort of your home to wait many hours at the airport. When the flight has landed at the airport, you will see the status on the flight map, and you can drive to the airport knowing that your guest has definitely arrived.

The following are some of the best flight trackers that you can use to track a flight:


This is a live flight tracker that is easy and simple to use. Simply go to the homepage and enter the name of the airline and flight number. Click the “Track” button to see information about the flight. You can also enter the origin of the flight and the destination to get info about the flight.

FlightAware allows you to track airline flights and private flights. The private flight tracker requires you to enter the flight number. Enter the number and click ‘Track Flights’ to see the flight location. In case you have forgotten the flight number, click a link to retrieve the number.



FlightRadar24 is a flight tracker that allows you to set filters and change settings to generate custom information about a flight and its status. The main feature on this website is the large Google Flight Map that automatically detects your geographical location. This app can show you real time flights, the flight number and the time delay. For more features like preventing expired sessions, you should upgrade to a paid subscription.



FlightStats is a flight tracking website that allows you to see a wide range of information about flights,                        airports and airlines. The flight tracker on this website is found as a sub-menu under the Flights tab. Just by hovering your mouse over this tab, you will see other information that you might want like Flight status and Flight Schedules. Under the Airports tab, you can access other interesting information like the Airport Tracker and Airport Weather.

To see updated information about a flight, go to the flight tracking form and fill in the details which include the Flight Number, Airline and Date of Departure. Click the [Track] button to see the flight map and info. You can add optional info like the Arrival and Departure airport.

Another interesting feature on this website is the Delay Maps that shows you the current delays at international airports mainly in the USA.You can also subscribe to get flight status alerts to your email address.



This flight tracker allows you to track flights to and from the USA or Canada. You can search flights byairline, scheduled flights or flight number. You will be required to enter the flight number when you are tracking an airline. If you know the airport codes and flight identifier, you can use the advanced search to get flight info.



This simple plane tracker consists of a flight tracker form and an airport delay tracker which are placed side by side. You can track flights by flight or route. Enter the airline code or name, flight number and date, then click [Track Flight]. The Airport Delay tracker shows you the delays at airports in the USA and Canada. A delay is denoted by a yellow dot on the map. Normal flights are shown as green dots and airports with heavy traffic are shown in red. To see details about a specific airport, click the dot on the map or select an airport from the drop-down menu. This website also shows a price list of airport parking for airports with parking facilities.



This is a web application that allows you to find a flight or plane on Google Maps. You can see planes in flight on the map and zoom in on the flight. The web app also allows you to see the movement of ships across the map.



AeroSeek tracks flights to and from the European continent as well as the USA and Canada. Besides national and commercial airlines, you can also track private flights. Flight views are available in various formats including Google Maps, Google Earth and 3D.Extra information like flight status and flight delays is featured as well as airport activity and weather etc.


Flight Arrivals

This flight tracker allows you to search flights by using a Flight Number. You can search commercial and general aviation flights. For commercial flights, select an airline from the drop-down list, enter the flight number and select a date. There are interesting results like a seat map, aircraft info and image gallery. The most useful info that a user will get is the Flight Map, Flight Status and Flight Info.

Is Marriott a 5-Star Hotel? What Is It Known For?

Is Marriott a 5-Star Hotel? What Is It Known For?

Is Marriott a Good Hotel?

Marriott is a hospitality group that owns over 3,800 hotels and accommodation properties around the world. This company has won many awards in the hospitality industry and it has operations in over 74 countries, with some of the world renowned hotels in its portfolio like the world’s tallest hotel – the JW Marriot Marquis Hotel in Dubai. You can make a hotel booking online and be a guest in one of its hospitable properties.

Marriott is a brand name that most travelers and accommodation seekers will look for when they want to book a hotel. A brand represents quality and excellent service, and Marriott has grown to be admired around the world, making its presence felt in most major tourist destinations. The company is not only popular in the United States where it operates in the Top 20 cities that include Los Angeles, New York City, Washington DC,Miami,Chicago,Boston,Hawaii,San Diego, Orlando and San Francisco but is has an international presence in top destinations like Europe, the Caribbean, London, Italy, Madrid, Paris, Mexico, Shanghai, Puerto Rico and Toronto. The Marriott hotel chain has a presence in the top countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific Region, South America, Central America and Africa.

So why should you book a hotel with Marriot International? Booking a hotel with this company has many advantages in that your booking is safe and secure since you are booking directly with the hotel group and not via third party booking search engine or comparison site. You benefit directly from the discounts and deals that are offered by the hotel company and you don’t need a middleman to negotiate the prices for you. By simply signing up with this hospitality company, you will benefit from a variety of travel cost saving programs that are offered to members. When you make an online hotel booking on, it is easy to manage and track your booking, and you can cancel the booking at your convenience. You have access to the hotel’s customer support number and you can call them directly to discuss your booking.

How to Book a Hotel Online

Marriot allows you to search and compare hotel rates in its network, thus you can easily find the cheapest hotel room in your destination. You can search over 3887 hotels and lodgings that are owned by the company, guaranteeing you the quality that is associated with the brand name. So how do you search for a hotel on Searching for a hotel is easy because you only need to go to the home page. The hotel booking form is presented right before you at the center of the page.Thisrequires you to enter your destination city or airport code, your destination country, check in and check out dates, number of rooms and your Marriot Rewards number. Click the “Find” button to get results. While booking, you can choose a flexible date, use your reward points, and search for special rates or book by brand.

Marriot has 16 brands of hotels and these are found on

Here you will find accommodations tailored for different clientele, from the young student traveler to the wealthy executive. You will find the most luxurious hotels with the finest facilities, food and service like the Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott, the urban style AC Hotels, spacious courtyard accommodation, full kitchen townhouses, executive apartments, boutique hotels, luxury beach resort accommodations, traditional historic hotels, vacation clubs, holiday inns, conference centers and private properties for rent.

The Marriot Hotel search facility allows you to search by brand, amenities, hotel type, travel interests and location. While the search by brand is suitable for those with a certain taste, the search by amenities is suitable for those who want a certain type of service like free breakfast,WiFi connection, swimming pool, exercise center or gym, private kitchen, conference center and hotel restaurant. You would want a Wi-Fi connection if you have a mobile office (laptop) with you, and you will need a gym facility if you want to keep yourself in good shape all the time. Swimming pools are provided for those who want to relax and conference facilities are provided for those who are hosting meetings and workshops.

If you are not sure about the type of service that you want, then you might want to look at Travel Interests. There are facilities and holiday packages for couples, people on honeymoon or romantic trip, those who are seeking adventure and those who like casino, playing golf, tennis, skiing, snowboarding or visiting a spa. The full form for searching Marriott hotels is found on It contains all the options that you might want such as brands, deals, special rates and meeting space.

Rewards Program, Vacation Deals and Hotel Discounts

One of the ways of saving money on is by joining the Rewards Program. The Marriot Rewards Program allows you to earn free points for every booking made via the company. You can earn 35% of your bookings cost back and use the points to book a hotel ,flight ,vacation holiday, or car rental with the company. There are multiple ways of earning points which can be obtained by shopping, buying an airline ticket, booking a hotel room, travelling etc.

The Hotel Directory provides a list of destinations in all countries and continents where the Marriott brand operates. You simply need to browse through the directory by specifying your hotel preferences. The hotel group offers deals for featured cities, airport hotels, boutique hotels as well as special rates for Military and Government Employees. Senior savings deals for older people are available and there is an opportunity to take advantage of the AAA hotel discounts. The AAA hotel discount is available for most services offered by Marriott like hotel rooms, spa and internal hotel purchases.

Vacation packages on can be booked as a Hotel+Flight combo or Hotel+Car combo. Complete the vacation search form on and enter the city or airport code where you are travelling to and from. Choose your date of departure and return, the number of adults and children with you and rooms that you want. Click [Find Vacations] to get a list of vacation deals to your destination.Travellers can search for new hotels, beach hotels, ski resort hotels, themed hotels and family travel hotels.

To take advantage of Marriott hotel deals, go to Here you will find all types of deal offered by the hotel group.

Is Hyatt a 5-Star Hotel? What is it Known For?

Is Hyatt a 5-Star Hotel? What is it Known For?   or


Is Hyatt Considered a Luxury Hotel?

Hyatt is a hospitality company with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.The company owns about 500 hotels and accommodation properties in 45 countries worldwide, ranging from luxury hotels to vacation clubs. The company has 8 distinct brands of properties with a unique style, location and design that are targeted towards different holiday activities, budgets, interests and tastes. You can make a hotel booking online by going to the company’s website.

Although providing hotel accommodation is the main specialty of this company, you can also book a flight and car rental by making use of the site’s travel packages. Special offers, gift certificates and a travel rewards program are also available to give extra benefits to the client. Hyatt offers local hotel booking websites in 10 languages including French, German, Spanish and Chinese. The hotel group does not charge booking fees and you can search the best or low-priced room among the Hyatt properties and brands in the region. Once you make a reservation with the hotel, you are able to manage it as you like. You can cancel reservations, modify your booking, find a new hotel room and retrieve your hotel bill.


Hotel Search

Booking a hotel on Hyatt is a quick process that requires you to enter your destination, which can be a city, local attraction, airport or physical address. Complete the form by entering your dates for arrival and departure, then click the [Find Hotels] button. The Hotel search is a small square form on the right sidebar. You can then choose your preferred hotel in the search results. The hotel reservation form can be accessed on On the right side of the hotel search form, there is reservation retrieval form that allows you to retrieve your reservation by filling in your name, surname, reservation number or credit card.


Hotel + Flight + Car Travel Packages

Hyatt offers a combo booking for those who want to save money. This is a travel package that allows somebody to book a hotel, flight and car together, so that you make a single purchase for all three items. You have three options for booking a combo package and these are hotel+flight, hotel+car or hotel+flight+car.The choice is yours. After selecting a package you should proceed to complete the form by filling in your departure location and destination. Specify the departing and returning dates, and state the number of people that you are travelling with. Choose your desired rooms and remember that you can only make a booking for up to 8 people. If you have a promotional code or coupon, enter the code and click the [check availability] button. Promo codes can be obtained from other shops and stores that have a relationship with Hyatt. You can save a lot of money by using promotional codes.


Special Offers and Promotions

If you need more options, you can use the advanced search to book multiple rooms. On the right side of the travel package search is a list of offers to selected destinations. You can find a great deal on special days like Mother’s Day, holiday packages for couples on a honeymoon or romantic trip, vacation club packages for golfing etc.To make a booking for a combo travel package, go to

Hyatt has a dedicated page for special offers. This allows you to browse through a wide range of deals promotions and offers that can be easily searched by interest. You can search for special offers by using the form on the left side. After entering your destination and dates for arrival and departure, select the type of offer that you would like to find. There are nine types of offers based on interest, for example, breakfast, family and reward program offers.


Travel Rewards Program Free Flights, Hotel Stays, Dinner, Car Rental

A great way of getting the most from Hyatt services is joining the Hyatt Gold Passport rewards program. This is a program that basically allows you to earn points and miles for purchasing a booking via and its brands. Points are earned when you make a hotel booking, visit a restaurant or get a spa treatment. Bonus points are awarded on top of the points earned if you are a Platinum or Diamond member. You can also earn points by booking a car rental with Avis.

Another benefit of joining the Hyatt Gold Passport membership is that you earn airline miles if you book accommodation with earn at least 500 miles for a hotel stay and these can be redeemed at any of the airlines that participate in the program. At the moment, there are 30 airlines that participate in the travel rewards program including British Airways, American Airlines, Air France, Delta Airlines, Emirates, Lufthansa, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Virgin Atlantic Airways.

While most airlines give 500 miles per stay, some airlines like AeroMexico, Air China, Virgin Atlantic and LAN Airlines SA give more than that.

The best thing about the Gold Membership rewards program is that you can convert points to miles. This stretches the usage potential of your reward points, allowing you to redeem all kinds of bookings and purchases at Hyatt. Thus, you can use your points for booking a vacation package, hotel room, car rental, flight or simply get dining and spa. To learn more about the benefits of Gold membership, go to The platinum and Diamond membership have more benefits that allow you to maximize your earnings, and get the most out of Hyatt services.

The fastest way of earning reward points is purchasing points or combining them.However, you do not need to do this if you are a regular traveler because every one of your bookings with Hyatt counts towards earning you points. The more you travel, the more points you get. You can even donate your points to friends and family members.

The minimum 5,000 points qualify you to book an overnight stay at a standard hotel, or you can redeem the points at a spa or restaurant for an equivalent sum of $25.In order to get a free one-day car rental via Avis, you would need an extra 1,000 points to make 6,000 points. More points earned, for example 12,000 points, will enable you to book higher grade facilities, better services ,longer stays and more options all for free. You can stay in a luxury hotel suite for 2 days or opt for a 3 stay at a standard hotel with 12,000 points. This is equivalent to a 2 day car rental at Avis or $75 spending money at a restaurant or spa.

To get the best experience from Hyatt hospitality, you should take a look at the branded residences that the hotel provides for clients. This will allow you to choose the best type of accommodation for your needs and you can always make a search to find the lowest-priced hotels within the branded residences. Some of the best branded Hyatt residences are Hyatt Place, Regency, The Blue, Escala and Hyatt Park.

Is Sheraton a 5-Star Hotel? What is it Known for?

Is Sheraton a 5-Star Hotel? What is it Known for?



Is Sheraton a Luxury Brand?

Sheraton is a brand of hotels under the hotel and hospitality group Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Sheraton Starwood owns over 1,100 hotel accommodation properties around the world and new hotels are being built and opened each year. The company has hotels in over 400 locations in the USA,Europe,Asia Pacific Region, Asia, North America, South America, Middle East, Asia and Africa.Travellers are able to book a hotel online on the company’s website.


Hotel Search

To make a hotel booking online, you should go to reservations on the home page of are multiple reasons why you should book a hotel with Sheraton.First, there are no fees charged for making an online booking. Your booking is cost-free meaning that you don’t lose money every time you make a booking and cancel it. There are rewards for booking a hotel room with this hospitality and tourism company.Travellers who complete a booking earn points known as “Starpoints”, and these points will gradually accumulate as you travel. To get as many points as you can, you should make it a point to make your reservations via Sheraton or Starwood hotels. Special offers with generous discounts are promoted regularly on the website, and you can take advantage of these offers to reduce your hotel costs.

So how do you book a hotel on Sheraton? There are three ways to book a hotel room on the . You can fill a hotel reservations form, book by phone or skype.Finding a hotel of your choice is simple. Enter the city where you are going, including the country and state. Fill in the check-in and check-out dates. Select the number of rooms that you want, including the number of people who will be sharing a room. Click the search button to view the results. You can select the best hotel from the results that suits your budget and other requirements such as services and activities. You can choose by location, price, star rating, brand and so on. An alternative to using the search form is checking the Sheraton hotel directory.


Hotel Directory

The Sheraton hotel directory is a handy online directory that lists all the hotels in a region. All Sheraton hotels in every country and continent are listed, and you can drill down to the city and surbubs.Simply choose your destination at the top left hand corner or browse through the listings by scrolling down.

Pick your continent, then drill down to the country, state, and city respectively. Should you be satisfied with the hotel accommodation, you can click the “Book Now” button next to the hotel. You have to realize that this is a directory for the Sheraton brand of hotels. There is another directory for Starwood hotels.

There are three categories on the hotel directory that will help a user make the right decision. Users can choose hotels by the type of amenities or facilities available, the brand or by SPG category. For those who are not familiar with the Sheraton brand, choosing by hotel type and amenities will be the best option since you can clearly see the activities, interests and services that are being provided. For example, the ‘Airport’ subcategory is for people who want a hotel near the airport. ‘Beach’ is for vacation travelers who want a hotel by the beachside or close to a beach resort. The categories are self- explanatory. There are 24 sub-categories which define user requirements and needs. You can book a hotel that offers internet, airport shuttle, childcare, leisure activities like golfing, tennis, ski or facilities like fitness center, indoor pool, outdoor pool, spa and restaurants. There are hotels that support or host occasions like weddings, business meetings and honeymoon. You can check for hotels that allow pets and hotels that don’t allow smoking. Sheraton is one of the brands owned by Starwood hotels but there are other brands like Four Points, W Hotels, St Regis and Aloft.

Once you have made your hotel reservation, you can check the status of your reservation by going to the website and entering your name, credit card number or confirmation number.


Special Hotel Offers

Starwood hotels allows you to make the most of its services by giving you a best rate guarantee. Users who book a hotel online or via telephone can change their rate within 24 hours after making the booking. This means that if you find a lower rate, you can modify your booking and enjoy the discount. The hotel will add an extra 10% discount on your low rate or you can opt for 2,000 Starpoints.

Money saving opportunities can be obtained by browsing through the Sheraton Offers page on

You can browse for offers to popular destinations or look for activities and interests on offer. If you are looking for wedding, honeymoon, skiing, beach resort holidays and local events offers etc, then look under Activities & Interests. Promotional deals which are valid for a certain period are also available and these are categorized as Time Limited offers.

To find an offer in your destination, you should use the search form. Enter your scheduled dates for travelling and click the button to get results.Alternatively, you can sign up for an email update that will be sent to your inbox when offers are available.

The Sheraton Starpoints program allows you to earn points through selected offers. Booking for these offers will earn you more points and bonuses, allowing you to earn points much faster than a regular booking.

Is It Safe To Book with StaTravel?- Cheap Hotels, Hostels and Flights for Students and Youth

Sta Travel Booking Online – Cheap Hotels, Hostels and Flights for Students and Youth


Is StarTravel a Good Travel Agency for Students?

Sta Travel is a student travel company with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.The organization allows students to book hotels, hostels, flights and adventure tours in different destinations around the world. If you need to book your travel requirements with this company then you should go online and choose your country on the website.Alternatively, you can make an online booking from one of the 20 main sites on the home page which include English speaking countries like the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. If one thinks of international travel, hotels and flying, then you would assume that only people with a high steady income can afford this type of luxury. Booking a hotel room and travelling across continents looks like a luxury to most students because they don’t have that kind of money to take leisure trips. Student travel organizations like STATravel and Student Universe seek to make travel affordable for students and young people by providing cheap accommodation, flights and holiday packages.


Sta Travel also offers trip planning, travel insurance, bus tours, rail travel and car rental for anyone who books with the is the site for the USA .The site for the United Kingdom is and the site for Australia is three sites are similar in design, the main feature being a booking form and large jquery slides which feature travel deals. The bottom space is filled with hotel and flight deals to top destinations like New York, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam and Paris. Although this site is intended for students and people under the age of 26 years, anyone can book a hotel, flight or adventure trip via Sta Travel.However, the travel deals are separated so that there is a section for students and a section for everyone.


Find Cheap Flights


Travel booking online with Sta Travel is easy. You can begin your adventure by booking a flight. Make use of the flight search form on the home page. As an example, if you are travelling from Washington DC to London, Enter your current location (Washington DC) in the [From] box, and your destination (London) in the [To] box. Choose the date when you will depart and the expected date of your return. If you can book a one-way trip where you will only get a one-way ticket. This gives you the freedom of stretching your stay without being limited by a return ticket that requires you to board a return flight on a certain date. Another option that allows you to stretch your stay is the flexible dates.However, with flexible dates, you have a maximum number of days by which you can extend your stay.


The Flexible Dates schedule allows you to get the cheapest flight if you choose to depart at any time of the day within the extended period. This option allows the flight search engine to choose the cheapest flight among all the daily flights in the Sta Travel network. On the search form, indicate the number of students and people under 26 years of age who are flying with you. Click the search button to find your flights. Students and young people enjoy the cheapest airfare than adults, but you should have your student ID card with you all the time when travelling. Your international student ID helps you to take advantage of thousands of discounts that are offered to students by Sta Travel for hotel, flights and car rental.


Search Hotels and Hostels


After completing your flight search and booking an airline ticket, you should look for accommodation in your destination country or city. Sta Travel has access to 27,000 accommodation properties around the world which are spread over all continents. You can find hotel rooms at a suitable location like the beach, city center or resort center. The network aims to provide budget accommodation for cash strapped students who are not working yet. One of the cheapest accommodations that the student travel agency provides are hostels. Hostels are big common rooms which can accommodate a lot of people, say 6 or 12 people per room. The accommodation is very basic and students will like this type of accommodation because they usually travel in groups. Students will use hostels for sleeping and taking a rest after a day-long adventure trip.


To book a hotel or hostel, head over to and select your destination continent. On the hotel and hostel search form, enter your destination country and city, including your check-in date, the desired rooms and nights, and the number of occupants. Click the search button to find your room. You should choose the best low-priced accommodation from the results. Book the accommodation if you are satisfied with it.


Student Travel Special Discounts


To take advantage of cheap rates that Sta Travel provides for students, you should check the student travel specials. This page lists all the deals, promotions and holiday packages designed to save you money so that you have spare your cash for other things. Discounted budget tours and trips by sea, rail or car are available for students who wish to take a summer vacation or simply visit a famed tourist attraction in Europe.


Besides budget tours, you can opt for vacation package deals for students to visit famous resorts in the United States. These allow you to pay a discounted combined cost for booking a hotel and flight together. If you wish to visit famous places like Las Vegas and New York or take a beach vacation in Hawaii or Miami, then this package is for you.Sta Travel also offers last minute tours which can be booked immediately for those who are taking long trips. These offers are not always available because of the need to book early but when they are available, it is a great chance to save money because discounts are offered for a quick sale.


You should also check for current promotional codes or coupons to reduce your booking rates. While Sta Travel offers budget hotels and vacations for students, you can further reduce your travel costs by making use of promo codes. When you get a code, simply head over to book your hotel room or flight, and enter the code to get a discounted price.


Local stores where students can make an appointment or booking are available in the USA.Stores are currently available in San Diego,Chicago,Chicago,New York and Washington DC.Visiting a local STA Travel store will allow you to have a personal consultation with travel advisors, who can help you to plan your trip well.


International Student ID Cards


Travel planning is the most important part of any trip because it can mean the difference between enjoying your trip and having a frustrating journey. There are things that you have to prepare for and get ready before you take your flight. You will need to organize your passport and visa.Sta Travel will give you the right information about the documents required to enter a specific destination. Getting an international student ID will help you get around easily and qualify you for student travel benefits.

Cards are available for students, teachers and young people. To apply for a student ID card, go to and choose your option. There are 3 types of cards, the International Student ID card is for members who are still at college or university. The International Youth Travel card is for young people under the age of 26 years who are not students or have finished college. Just by virtue of your age, you can enjoy the travel benefits that students enjoy with Sta Travel. The International Teachers ID card is for full-time teachers who want to enjoy the privileges of low-cost travel with


International Phone Cards


Sta Travel provides international cellphones that are reachable in any part of the world. You can buy the phone for only $30 from the travel agency or you can get an international phone card that can be used in any telephone booth around the world. The advantages of having this type of phone service are obvious because you want to keep in touch with friends while you are travelling. Students should get this service as part of their travel planning.


Rail passes are some of the things that you will need to get if you are planning to take a rail tour. With this type of pass, you have the freedom to go any place.Sta Travel can organize rail passes for students who are taking a rail tour in selected destinations.


A small group of independent travelers might wish to book a car at the destination. You can book a car in any destination where car rental is provided by one of Sta Travel’s partners. Over 500 partners provide car rental services through the travel agency.


Travel Insurance


The last but most important thing that you need to get is travel insurance.However, coverage is only available for US residents. Travel protection is provided for both local and international trips. While travelling is an exciting experience, you still need to be protected from incidences that may arise during your trip. In case of any incidence, you can file a claim with one of Sta Travel’s insurance partners. You can get the minimum coverage for only $54 for international travel, which allows a maximum coverage of 8 days. The coverage increases and varies with the amount of money paid.


Canceling a trip with Sta Travel for any reason including disturbances qualifies you for 100% reimbursement. Costly trip delays that get you behind schedule by 6 months qualify you for a maximum reimbursement to the value of $500.In case your baggage is lost, stolen or damaged and efforts have been exhausted to recover your baggage, you will be eligible for a compensation of up to $1,500.


A maximum compensation of $100,000 is available for falling sick or getting injured during your trip. This includes the cost of surgery and medical aid. Emergencies that require hospitalization exceeding 7 days can claim compensation up to $250,000 and this covers the cost of transport to the hospital and return airfares for you and a family member who will be accompanying you.


To ensure that travelers get the best price at all times,Sta Travel will give you a $500 credit if you find a travel quote that is higher than theirs.However,this applies to specific competitors such as Kiwi Experience and flights from the USA that are quoted in US Dollars.



Sta, Sta Travel,, student hotels

Is It Safe To Book with Priceline? – Discount Rates for Hotels and Flights

Priceline Travel Booking Online – Discount Rates for Hotels and Flights

Is Priceline a Reliable Travel Agent  for Hotels and Flights?

Priceline is a travel innovation company that specializes in the supply of proprietary price comparison and shopping technology for the travel industry. The company also provides an online travel booking platform for cheap flights, hotels and car rentals. It is well known for its Name Your Price booking system that allows travelers to name their preferred rates and compare them against thousands of hotels and airlines to find the lowest rate. The company’s travel shopping system and business model has proven to be a huge success with consumers, and this has seen the company acquiring big online travel booking agencies like,Agoda,TravelJigsaw,Kayak ,Active Hotels and Expedia’s car rental section.

Combination of World Famous Travel Brands

With all these travel booking giants under the fold of Priceline and using its business model, it makes sense to book your travel needs with if you want to get the best price and value for your money. You have a wide selection of hotels and airlines to choose from, a wide net to fish the lowest rate and a wide selection of destinations to spend your holiday. The company also offers cruises, vacation packages, adventure tours and attractions.

Besides its unique booking system and wide network that spans over 180 countries in all continents, travelers will find other reasons to use this booking platform. The platform has in its portfolio which is really a boost because is the biggest hotel booking site in the world and one of the most trusted by travelers. Although was acquired by Priceline, it operates as a brand allowing it to retain its professional staff and excellent service. As they say, there is no better testimony about a service or product than a customer review. The sea of reviews, approximately 18 million, left by travelers on the site is a powerful resource that attracts users to the site when they are looking for a review about a hotel.

Priceline does not charge booking fees and users have a choice between the Name Your Price booking system and the normal Search & Compare system. The Name Your Price booking system is available for hotel s, flights, car rental and cruises only. Users have to understand the difference between the two systems to make the best use of them.

Name Your Rate for Hotel, Airline Ticket and Car Hire

The Name Your Price system allows users to enter their desired rate on the booking form including their desired quality, service type, location and destination. The hotel room and the price will not be revealed until a user makes a booking. The advantage of this service is that you get a hotel room that is closer to your price even if the rate is slightly higher than your purchase. If you only care about price and saving money, then this is the best option to use.However, you might be disappointed if you are expecting high quality or a much higher level of service because the goal of this Priceline system is to secure the lowest price and net a booking for the hotel owner.Sometimes, depending on the season, getting a booking is better than not getting one if the competition is very tough. If you need higher quality, then you must increase your bid. This will guarantee you a much better room. You have to know the average price for certain levels of quality to get the right accommodation for yourself. Do not bid something like $25 per night and expect 5-star service. You have to be realistic. However, you might get a high quality room if the hotel is offering a great deal on that day. The Name Your Rate system simply asks you “How much are you willing to pay for a hotel room?” and you have to give a well thought price.

Search and Compare Rates for Hotels, Airline Ticket and Car Hire

If you are a quality freak who has the money to get what he wants, then you should use the normal Search & Compare booking system provided by Priceline. This is what most online travel agencies provide on their websites. It’s a search form that allows you to enter your preferences, then click the search button to get hundreds of results which can be sorted accordingly by price, star rating, user rating, types of facilities, services and location. This information will give you an idea about the expected quality before you make a booking. If you are satisfied with the hotel, you can book it.

Hotel Discounts 

To book a hotel, go to and fill the search form. Priceline has access to more than 201,000 hotels in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico and Asia. Its 5 brands, Kayak, Agoda, TravelJigsaw and Active Hotels add to its database of hotels, giving the traveler a wider choice covering all continents including Asia Pacific, South America, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Africa (Morocco, Mauritius, South Africa, and Egypt).

When you hit the search button after entering your destination, you will be presented with a list of hotels that suit your preferences. Hotels that give out freebies like free breakfast, internet and car parking are indicated. The cheapest hotels can be seen on the first page of results but you can get even much better deals by checking out hotels on sale. This shows you the results of hotels offering instant discounts.

Priceline pricebreaker deals are a money saving system on steroids because they give you an extra night free. You can take free riding a step further by using the Name Your Price booking system to get deeper discounts as high as 60%.In fact, the travel company states that there are over 200,000 freebies to be taken advantage of if you book one of their hotels. Last minute deals are also offered to reward instant booking.

Priceline also works with brand name partners such as Marriott hotels, MGM Resorts, Walt Disney World Resort, Starwood Hotels and Universal.

Flight Discounts

To book a flight, go to A normal search form that gives you 3 options to book a flight can be seen. You can book a flight separately or you can include your flight with a hotel or flight + hotel + car. You can book a one-way trip, round trip or multi-destination trip. No booking fees are applied for flights and there is a rewards program that allows you to earn miles for every airline ticket purchase made via miles, when they are equivalent to the price of an airline ticket, can be redeemed to book a free flight with Priceline. Other ways to save on airfare is to make use the Name Your Price booking system to make your offer for an airline ticket and let airlines bid on it.

Airline ticket discounts up to 40% are available to people who participate in this bidding system. Last minute flights can also be extremely cheap if you constantly check Last Minute Flight deals on the website. It is common to get a maximum discount of 50% on these deals.Lastly, make sure that you sign up for a promotional email to get instant access to airline coupons and deals when they are available.

Is It Safe To Book with Yahoo Travel – MSN Travel Review

Yahoo Travel Booking Online – Book Hotels and Flights with now called MSN Travel now called MSN Travel


Is Yahoo Travel a Good Booking Agent?

Yahoo Travel is now called MSN Travel. Yahoo is one of the top 5 most visited sites in the world. This company is a pioneer of many internet products and services such as Yahoo Mail and the once popular Yahoo Search engine which has taken a low profile since its integration with Microsoft Bing.Yahoo Travel is one of the products that has remained on the main website offerings. Visitors to the site can make an online booking for hotels, flights, vacations, car rental, vacation rentals, cruises and other services.

The main page on Yahoo Travel features a booking form, top cities, travel deals and hotels in top destinations. Top destination cities are listed in alphabetical order from Amsterdam hotels to Zurich hotels. A look at one of the top cities, for example Boston, Massachusetts will reveal a beautiful photo of the cityscape, along with a brief description of the city, the awards won by the city and the main attractions in the city. There is a mini menu where you can browse the city hotels, attractions, restaurants, maps and photos. Just below the top cities slideshow, there are travel deals related to the city, for example, you might find a 4-star hotel deal for $188 in Boston by Hotwire, and 3 other deals including a $307 hotel deal by Expedia.

If you have a Yahoo Mail account, you can save the deals under My Trip Plans. This keeps a history of your selected deals and travel plans which can be accessed later on if you want to make an online booking. Yahoo Travel allows you to suggest a hotel or attraction that you think should be added to the site.

Book Flights 

The booking form on the homepage allows you to book a flight as a first option. State the city where you are going, the city or airport which you are leaving, the dates for departing and returning as well as the number of adults and children with you. If you want to book a flight separately on its own, you can skip the book together option and click the search button. This will return results of low-cost flights to your destination.

If you want to book a flight and a hotel together or a flight, hotel and car together, then you should select these options on the search form. Booking items together allows you to save money. Options to choose a one-way trip, round-trip or multi-city trip are available. Yahoo flights can be booked on

Yahoo Travel has a flight tracker which can be accessed on tracker.html .A flight tracker is a cool feature which allows you to track a flight in real time as it is happening, from the moment it takes off from the airport to the moment it lands at the destination airport. It is a useful tool that allows you to determine the location of a plane over terrain. This makes use of Yahoo Bing Maps, and the plane can be seen as a tiny dot over the map. People who are waiting for your arrival at the airport can make use of this tool to check whether you have arrived or not.

Additional information like flight delays and other incidences can be obtained from this tool. To make use of a flight tracker, you must be connected to the internet. Simply go to the Yahoo flight tracker link and browse the map.

While on Yahoo Travel, you can find information about any airport. To look up the info, type in the name of the airport and the airport code in the provided search bar on the Yahoo flights page. You can also click the name of the city if it is listed on the top cities list.

Book Hotels

The search for hotels is provided on All items on the site, flights, hotels, cars, cruises, vacations and rentals can be accessed on the same booking form which features menu tabs for each item.Alternatively, you can use the main menu to find your travel requirements.Travellers can book a hotel only, a hotel plus a flight or a hotel plus flight plus car. As much as $550 can be saved by booking items together, so you should take advantage of this option whenever you can. To book a hotel on Yahoo Travel, enter your destination city, check in and check out times, including the number of rooms that you want. There is an option to book secret hotels. Tick this option if you want to find out.

Secret hotels are only revealed after making a booking. You bid a price and the system will find suitable accommodation for you in your preferred location.

The car rental section on Yahoo Travel allows you to book a car only or book a car together with a flight and hotel. On the car rental search form, enter your pick up and drop off point, including the time and date. Click “Search Cars” to find the best car hire deal in your destination.

The Vacations section allows you to find the best vacation deal to one of the top destinations in the world. You can book a hotel only if you are looking for a hotel deal.However, the purpose of this section is to find a package deal that includes a flight and hotel or flight, hotel and car rental. Fill in the form, stating your location, destination, check in and checkout times including the number of rooms required.

Vacation Trip Ideas

 Finally, one thing that you might find interesting and helpful is Yahoo Travel Ideas. This section allows you to choose a perfect holiday trip of your imagination. Destinations are classified according to special interests and activities. If you are looking for a romantic trip, a beach vacation or shopping paradise, then this is the place to go. You can find vacation packages for summer holidays, winter breaks, facilities for family and golf lovers, etc. Beautiful pictures of resorts and attractions in Las Vegas, Paris, San Diego, Miami, Santorini, Honolulu, New York City, London, Cabo San Lucas and many other cities can be found.

To get an idea of how much you can save with Yahoo Travel, browse the deals at the bottom of the page at .Vacation packages have discounts ranging from 1% to 10%.Hotel deals offering discounts ranging from 20 to 60% can be found, and discounts for flight deals are anywhere from 10% to 30%.

Is It Safe To Book With TravelZoo? – Review

Is It Safe To Book With TravelZoo? – Review


Is TravelZoo A Good Travel Company?

TravelZoo is a reviewer of deals for travel booking online. It is a platform where travel, hotel and hospitality companies list their deals for a fee. As of now, the company claims to have over 26 million people who are subscribed to their deals and over 2,000 organizations that advertise their deals on the site. The travel deal site does not just list deals from any company that pays the price but it has professional workers who are paid to do travel shopping and evaluate deals. The best deals are listed on the site so that readers have access to only tested and recommended deals.

Best Deals by Practical Travel Evaluators

The TravelZoo concept is different from common online travel agencies like Expedia or Kayak who act as booking price comparison platforms through a partnership with hotels, airlines and travel agencies.

TravelZoo provides deals and offers for hotels, flights, vacations, cruises, entertainment and car rentals. The company also lists local deals, last minute deals and the top 20 deals that are recommended by travel evaluators. Users who make use of this deal platform have the homework done for them and they simply need to choose the top picks that suit their budget and other preferences. It takes a lot of time to assess individual deals and the best way to assess a deal is get feedback from people who have booked the deal. When you cannot get reliable recommendations from friends or other travelers, then it becomes difficult to make a decision, and this is where TravelZoo comes in. They will test the deals for you and you don’t have to take the risk of going through a bad deal that has no recommendations.

The welcome page for TravelZoo is simple, a different design but the function is similar to Travelocity. You are presented with local websites in the local language of the country where the company operates

i.e. USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Asia and China. You have to choose your preferred site i.e. if you are from the UK, then you should select to serve your needs much better. If you want to make the site your default site, then tick this option at the top.

The local site for the USA is site’s homepage strives to present all the information that might be useful to you, for example, daily top deals, destinations, tax day deals, deal search, deal sign up, TravelZoo tips, testing booking center and multiple site price comparison for travel deals. You have to choose what you want to do first.

Airline Ticket Deals

If you are looking for an airline ticket deal, then go to Airfare 

In this section, the best flight deals to different parts of the world are listed. The site offers airfare deals to the USA, Canada, Europe and international destinations. The best deals are featured in the middle of the page, for example, you might find a $59 domestic flight in the USA by Virgin America, $776 spring flight to Europe by American Airlines, $118 US to Canada flight by Air Canada or $999 trip to South Africa and Kenya by South African Airways. The advertised airfare on TravelZoo is the final price that includes taxes and fees as required by the US Federal government.

You can search airfare deals by destination, class or best deal of the day.Alternatively, check the top 20 deals or search and compare flights from different sources by using the multiple site comparison feature at the bottom of the page. On the same page, you can browse other offerings like hotels, vacations, cruises, car rentals and entertainment.

Hotel and Accommodation Deals

Hotel search has a similar layout. Hotel deals are found on lists the top destinations in the USA, such as Hawaii, Las Vegas, New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston. A search for hotels in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and rest of the world can also be done. Deals for various types of accommodation such as hotels, beach resorts, bed & breakfast, bungalows, townhouses, vacation clubs and so on can be found. You might find a $139 bungalow in the Bahamas, $59 resort accommodation in Orlando, Disneyland,

$116 stay at Niagara Falls Hotel, $99 at a Mexican beach resort or $285 per night at a luxury Caribbean resort. These hotel deals on TravelZoo include a lot more extras, freebies and bargains like unlimited meals, free vouchers, wifi, gift cards and other things. Maximize your search by using multiple site search if you cannot get a deal to your destination.

Vacation Package Deals

Vacation packages to destinations in the US,Mexico,the Caribbean,Europe,South America, South Pacific, Middle East, Asia and Africa are available on TravelZoo.These can be sorted by activity or type which includes golf,ski,adventure,romance,escorted,sports and more. You might get a 7 night 5 start vacation trip to Scotland and Ireland for only $1799, a 3 city tour to Italy for $899, six night beach vacation in the Dominican Republic for $599 or a 4 night Las Vegas vacation for $214 including two nights free.

Car Hire Deals

Car rental deals in North America can be accessed on america/. You can also search for deals in international destinations.TravelZoo lists deals from car rental companies like Sixt and agencies like can do a wide search to find deals from different sites. Examples of deals that you might include a $7.44 a day car rental in the US, allowing you to travel to many cities in the country.

Last Minute and Local Deals

Last minute bookings are known to be expensive than early bookings, but you can take advantage of last minute deals on to get a cheap airline ticket, vacation or hotel room. You might get a $6 weekend deal in Denver hotels that allows you to save up to 65% in expenses, $17 ticket to NBA game,

$399 three night vacation deal in Hawaii plus free $25 credit, $10 weekend stay in New York City or a

$139 bungalow beach vacation in the Bahamas. There are lots of high discount deals for weekend stays in hotel resorts in most US cities, allowing you to save as much as 80% in hotel bookings. To check deals in your location in the USA, go to the TravelZoo local deals page on deals/


Is It Safe To Book with – Review

Is It Safe To Book with – Review


Is eBookers a Travel Agency? 

Ebookers is a UK online travel booking company that serves the UK and European markets. This online travel agency originated from Flightbookers, an offline branch of the company with offices at Heathrow airport in the United Kingdom. The fact that the company opted to close its offline booking offices in Dublin and decided to run an internet-based platform shows the changing trends among the modern traveler who prefers to shop online from the comfort of his or her home. This is the reason why traditional travel agents are taking to the internet to get a share of the huge market which cannot be ignored is a brand property of Orbitz, another big name in online travel booking for hotels, flights, car rentals and vacation packages.

Ebookers has a lot of information on its homepage which includes a booking form with multiple options, allowing the traveler to book flights, hotels, car rental and rail separately or booking any of these together. All in all, there are 8 booking options on the same form and it is up to you to choose the preferred option. The travel site will allow you to save up to £191 for booking a package that might be a flight plus hotel, flight plus car, hotel plus car or flight plus hotel plus car. There are over 110,000 hotels to choose from in the network. You can also take advantage of regular deals with generous discounts that are available on the site.

eBookers Travel Deals

The ebookers main page features cheap hotels, flights and holidays deals. You can click one of these deals if they are relevant to your needs. You might find something like May Bank holiday deals offering discounts for weekend stays, sunny vacation hotel deals with up to 40% discount or a deal for a UK rail tour. The beach map facility allows you to find the perfect beach resort to spend your holiday and save money at the same time.

City breaks are also featured on ebookers main page. You might find a city break package deal to one of the top destinations in Europe. The travel booking site has a list of favorite hotel destinations compiled their travel experts. The best prices can be found on this list and you are guaranteed a price difference refund if you happen to find a much lower rate among ebooker’s competitors. Some of the favorite hotel destinations on the site include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dubai, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami, San Fransisco, New York, Paris and Rome. Simply click a link to a destination that is in your travel plans to book and enjoy the lowest rates.

Besides the favorite hotel destinations, there are recommended destinations which are prescribed by travel advisors at ebookers.You should take a few minutes to find out why they are recommended. Top flight destinations are one of the offerings on the site and in this section, you will find the cheapest airline ticket from the list. The travel agency negotiates directly with airline carriers to secure the best rate for travelers. You can find a £55 airline ticket to Amsterdam, £561 airline ticket to Las Vegas, £450 airline ticket to Toronto or £511 flight to Hong Kong. The top 16 flight destinations are listed on the site.

Budget Flights 

To get a guaranteed low price for your ebookers flight, you should look at budget flight destinations. These are destinations which are plied by low-cost airlines, ensuring that you get a cheap airline ticket every time. Low-cost flights are available to most destinations including the top destinations in the world such as Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Sydney, Thailand, Australia, Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong. You can save a lot of money by using low-cost flights.However, most of these flights are indirect flights with one or more stopovers.Anyway, the long time that is needed to get to your destination is compensated by the savings you will gain by making use of these airlines.

Discount Hotels

Ebookers has also features discount hotel bookings. These are the equivalent of budget flight destinations. A list of discount hotels is listed specifically for bargain seekers who want cheap accommodation in their destination. Hotels can offer discounts ranging from 10% to 80% depending on the day and season. If you need a discount, then you don’t need to waste time scouring the internet.

Simply head over to this section. Discount hotels are available in most destinations like Bangkok, Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong, Berlin, Boston, Phuket, Singapore, Stockholm and Venice.

Book Hotels Online

 To book a flight, hotel, car rental or UK Rail tour, head over to any one of the following URLs: Flights –

Hotels –

Flight + Hotel – UK Rail – Car Hire –

The hotel booking form allows you to enter extra options such as the preferred star rating of the hotel, the hotel chain, the hotel name and a promotion code that allows you to get a discounted rate.Ebookers deals with several hotel chains around the world including Walt Disney World, Inter Europe Hotels, Aloft Hotels, Americas Best Value Inns, Crowne Plaza, Four Seasons, Sheraton Hotels, Hyatt, Hilton International, Marriott, MGM Resorts, Holiday Inn, Sunway Hotels and others. The most popular hotel deals can net you up to 75% price off.

Search Flights 

The flight search allows you to choose a flexible schedule so that you can depart at any time of the day. You can choose between a round trip, one way trip and multi-city trip. The flexible schedule is a good option because you are guaranteed to get the cheapest flight on your day of departure. Travelers can opt for a non-stop flight but most non-stop flights are not cheap. If you want to search flights by airline, then you can do so on the flight form.

Car Hire 

Car hire options on eBookers allow you to rent a car separately or along with hotel and flight booking. The choice is yours. If you need a car on arrival at the airport to drive around the city, then you should use this feature to find a cheap car. You can specify the preliminary specifications of the required car on the search form such as air conditioning, automatic or manual transmission. The top car hire destinations are listed on the site and these include London, Cape Town, Munich, San Fransisco, Dublin, Manchester, Pisa, Nice and Zurich.